Snowman paved the way for the people


Material: Anastasia Gnedinskaya

August 26
In the picture: For such markers scientist found a "trail" of Bigfoot.


In the Kemerovo region settled snowman. This sensational confession made famous yeti researcher Igor Burtsev after the second in the last year of the expedition to the area of Mountain Shoria. For a week the scientist not only managed to collect eyewitness accounts, but also to pave the "route" of travel yetis. Details of the "MK" has learned first-hand.

— Igor Zhukov, whether or not you have found in the forest tracks of Bigfoot?

— Going into the second expedition to the area of Mountain Shoria, I understood: as such, the outlines of feet of snow to find a person on the ground this time of year is extremely difficult — dense vegetation, swampy terrain. Because we were looking for so-called markers — the design of tree branches broken off, left is clearly not a man, but not animals. At the end of the expedition during the ascent of Mount Karatag we managed to find "the way" sprites, or "Eyzies" — so called Tashtagol these creatures.

— Is the Yeti itself already paving the highway?

— Of course, this is not a road in the truest sense of the word. But before reaching the top five meters, we are a conductor noticed a broken tree standing far away from the tourist trail. Through the meter — another, then another, third … to investigate this "trail", we found about forty such "markers". Broken branches ash stacked identical, which leaves no doubt about it: it did not animals, and especially not people. Especially that "road" runs across the sole tourist route. Some scrapping on the branches were quite fresh. These "markers" give us the full right to say: snow people visited this place a few days ago! And I found a number of nearby markers three years ago. So, they've been here before.

— Once the snow people to register in the area, because somebody had to meet them?

— Yes, I have found several eyewitnesses. The first case I told the hunter Vladimir Sergeev. In May 1989, he and a friend stayed in these places for the night. Departed comrade, while Vladimir was to monitor the fire. Suddenly his attention was attracted by a strong stirring in the bushes. Vladimir turned around and saw the back of a huge figure, covered with white fur. Hunter shot, but missed: guest only ran into the bushes. Time to dawn both hunters had his back to each other, because being thrown out of the bushes branches and twigs. The second case occurred in December of last year. Andrew Hunter Jobbers went for a walk in the woods. Suddenly he saw in the distance a huge dark figure moved on two legs. From Fear Andrew threw the backpack and ran to the head of the settlement. They went together to the point, and found all traces belonging to a bipedal creature.

— A snow people prefer to live alone in the forest?

— Not necessarily. For example, this year I found three places where supposedly inhabit the Yeti. One of which is only 150 kilometers from Moscow — in the Tver region. There we found a "nest" snowman made of fir trees. The thick tree branches were twisted in such a way as to obtain a "bench" three to two meters. And in the Leningrad region snow people even tried to talk to witnesses. Initially, we went to the place where the pickers found some strange arch designs of trees: the rowan branch curved arc, and the end tucked into the ground with the help of birch poles. A week later, the guys sent me to the same place two photos. The first — stack of wood gathered from dry wood. But it is not felled or felled and broken. And on the second photo, which the guys did twenty minutes after the first one, this is already a woodpile green tree. They are beings begin to make signs.


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