Solntseedenie. Transition to autotrophic nutrition.

The vast majority of humanity in our time in a heterotrophic condition. What does "heterotrophic state"? If simple words, the method of heterotrophic nutrition — is getting energy from other organisms.

The advancing a new evolutionary era of mankind requires that the transition to autotrophic way to generate energy, which can be obtained directly from the sun, without harming living organisms.

Our scientists (scientists, not the masters of spiritual development) was needinozhdy confirmed the possibility of transition from heterotrophic to autotrophic nutrition. Anyone can see this yourself studying or working Kuprevich Vernadsky.

After feeding on living organisms, not only that we are harming them, so also limit ourselves by becoming slaves needs constant need heterotrophic saturation.

In recent years, the number Solntseedy completely switched to autotrophic nutrition has increased dramatically, it is directly connected with the big upcoming global changes.

But who are these Solntseedy?

Solntseedy are those people who volunteered, because of their beliefs were able to stop receiving food by heterotrophic, that is saturated using the digestive system.

How is all this happening? These people start to eat "sun" (solar energy), they drink, but nothing to eat, and for all that they have absolutely no signs of normal figure thinness or exhaustion.

But nothing comes as easy as it seems. In order to switch to autotrophic nutrition, you need to restore the biosynthesis of the body. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to become once Solntseedy and refuse meals. If anyone doubts, you can check yourself. Most people use the meat for food, as most readers of this material, and so, at once, try to become a raw-foodists. Hard? That's the point. Raw-foodists know what it takes tremendous will power and spiritual basis for a sharp transition.

For those who are not afraid of the hardships of the transition to such a method of energy, you can suggest the following methods.

1. Need to increase (if small) level fizicheskich loads. Make it regular.
2. Winter swimming. Tempers — the results will not keep you waiting.
3. A special way of breathing, pranayama.
4. The transition from the traditional food — to vegetarianism, from him — to syroyadeniyu.
5. See, watch the sun. This contributes to the awakening of the sleeping areas of the brain.
6. For direct contact with the energy of the earth often go barefoot.
7. Meditation. After shooting where the camera is used for Kirlian it gives phenomenal results, namely, the aura of the meditator is like the shining sun, the period of its activity.

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