Some on hand independence of the North Caucasus

Some on hand independence of the North CaucasusAgainst the backdrop of strained relations and mutual verbal skirmishes about the deployment of missile defense between the top management of the Russian Federation and the United States inside our country begin to rapidly raise your head are, so to speak, the public and political forces that they say about the separation of the North Caucasian republics of Russia. The plan of these people appear to be the obvious patriotic Russian Federation, for which we "feed" North Caucasus, if there comes constant threat of impermanence in other regions of the country. The logic of these "activists" of the ordinary: Moscow refuses protectorate over Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya and other republics, and in return receives a long-awaited peace and incremental development without the "freeloaders." It is necessary to see that this idea is a time-intensive in the air. After the end of the first Chechen campaign, South American, by the way, salting in Moscow tried to "prompt" the then Russian control, and this must be urgently put on the border with Chechnya high concrete fence and forever renounce ties with the "wild" people. This presentation prodvizhentsem white houses by James Collins which doing his "honorable mission" from 1996 to 2001. And his predecessor Thomas Pickering has repeatedly stated that in today (to the mid-90s) state of the Russian Federation it is better to renounce all claims to the Chechen Republic. In those days, and inside Russia itself flared heated debate about the future relationship of Chechnya and the rest of Russia. Hot heads who were treated, namely, and some political leaders, intensely seeking the power now claimed that Chechnya should just throw the bomb, so to solve the problem with the breakaway republic of overnight … But these people do not think any of the sources prepyadstviya, nor to whom the cultivation of this prepyadstviya generally on hand.

And now hear new voices about the things of the North Caucasus is better to abandon altogether. From there, they say, is a steady stream of migrants in Central Russia, and the Caucasus — is Tipo stronghold of terrorism and extremism. We pose, they say, that as a concrete fence on the border of Egypt and Gaza, will extend Stitching wire, put forward for the protection of the new frontiers of thousands of border guards — and that's that. But this logic is more reminiscent defeatism certain part of society, which is up and sees himself under the wing of the West.

But if the principles of controlled marked, you can begin isolate themselves from other regions RF. Eventually, one can connect the huge concrete corridor Moscow, St. Petersburg and the oil and gas fields, and from the rest of Mother Russia vegetable garden 10 rows Stitching wire. And it's true — well, what, say, residents of some strange Rublevki pay taxes, so some strange inhabitants of Kostroma, Perm, Khabarovsk or received wages and pensions. Well, what are they generally these Voronezh, Rostov and Arkhangelsk need — they need to feed, shoe, dress. That roof with their proceeds, the nursery is not enough — one problem …

And you can generally fragmented into separate feudal principalities and recalculate the good in their own coffers, that has not got a friend.
Only these people or do not read history books, or Western funding completely discourage anyone from their enthusiasm to the real situation in Russia. In the 12th century, Russia is divided into fiefdoms, and the division is completed, all normal people well remember.
It does not happen so that by giving up the Caucasus, while continuing to build in each Avars, Chechens, Ingush, or Wahhabi-Kabarda ruthless terrorist Our homeland again become common targets for external forces. Would not that our own homeland forever will lose the status of a multi-national powers, becoming an epic Giant with feet of clay.

Incidentally, Moscow has, in fact, the case, shall be removed from the North Caucasus. Chechnya was given at the mercy of the Maskhadov regime, but the militants is not suspended. One republic to these people who received funding from the outside, it seemed not enough. They sent their views to Dagestan in order to make some Islamic caliphate in the Caucasus from the Dark to the Caspian Sea.

It's catchy lesson for those who only sees the Russian government for Russian and expresses thoughts about the various barriers, barriers, walls and other signs of differentiation.

Can a moment for yourself to imagine what would happen if suddenly abandon our homeland from the North Caucasus. On the same day the subsequent separation ideologues on the other side the latest border declare his own victory over Moscow. Their puppeteers here will be thinking about the development of success: they say, if you managed to press the Russian government so Makar, you may continue to erode the situation in other regions. Already flared regions that are adjacent to new frontiers. Crowds of global Wahhabi scum will be pulled into the new "Caucasian caliphate" from other states. In the region will flow instrument, there will be new slogans that should lead a "jihad" with Russia to end. As a result, the situation can completely transform into what is now happening in the Middle East. Despite the fact that the Gaza Strip, it would seem, is quite isolated from the rest of the world within its borders in some miraculous way there are new standards of weapons that quite not so small that they be one can was willing, in the folds of the clothes.

And at the level of corruption, which exists in our RF Now, you can even put a thousand kilometer wall 20 meters high, and forays into other parts of the country from the "caliphate" would last.

It turns out that the separation of the North Caucasus — Is another plan to destabilize the situation in the country. At the same time, to whom this plan came to a head, you can imagine for yourself. Such political veterans like Zbigniew Brzezinski to this day can not go to sleep quietly, when behold the huge map of the world Russia.

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