Something to remember-2

Something to remember-2A few days back is an excerpt from an online diary of an officer-mortar crews 693rd Regiment, which he conducted while serving in 2006-2008. A lot of it was slightly bitter words about military training, life and relationships in the army, that is that have long years in our armed forces have cooperated through one easy place.

Now make your selection from the army practices acquired during the service contract for the 7th military base in Abkhazia in 2008-2010, but add something not published until now.

First record appeared in my blog in February 2009. She touched simmering — no combat training

Yesterday his company went on a shooting range in Ochamchire. "Veselukha" began as early as 6.10 am with the building for breakfast. Since the last day or two were given salaries, which coincided with the 23 th number, the result was predictable — basses took on his chest. One of the "accepted" caught the eye of the brigade commissar with a case of beer, and the other was found only in the morning.

One and a half hours of combat metal thunder, lightning and neprelichnye idiomatic expressions in the address zaLETChIK, officers and fighter company, simultaneously making do unarmed combat platoon of communication (Communication Workers have also zalet — a soldier broke his leg in a very nebulous circumstances). Combat transferred back to us six months of the 42 th Division, loves being tired and long building with recitatives "H..'s Ass," "You — shit!" etc. Among fighter and most of the officers called a nerd zaglazno of madness.

Building for breakfast flowed smoothly in the morning and getting a divorce guns. Departure, scheduled for 7:30 am, was torn down specifically because of our company, battalion commander was saying, because … Because we started military drills in flak jackets, learning songs battalion and other "necessary" for the shooting things.

Closer to eleven in the morning in control, after all, grow together and calmed down and booting platoons in the Urals, we went to the ground. Three hours on the wood benches in the back, and hello, Ochamchira!

Hastily bite suhpaykami, begin their studies. In fact, at one time it turns out that the shooting company is not ready to none of our officers is not an argument that still need to be done, and of the founding fathers of the commanders themselves almost do not know yet is that UKS number 2. Hard two-minute "sex" company commander with the battalion commander leads to the reading of the last test firings. One and a half hours until the fire rmoshniki, we're on different frets it aloud, then silently repeat: "The objective number two — offensive / outgoing infantry. Two growth target number eight …", then run across to the training point. There are lessons our sergeants, whose training also leaves much to be desired. "The correctness of aiming", "Partial disassembly of weapons," — we understand the science of war.

In general this is the first shooting in six months of our contract service and the most depressing is that previously we were four months in the Kodori Gorge without any preparation.

After the company OWS to limit the fire, already beginning to dusk, is our first platoon. Tadadah, shots are fired, but the gun is not all sighted, hitting the target is very rare. Sniff gunpowder, having shot his 30 rounds, had time to haze about 12 people.
Collapses rapidly and by 10 pm we return to Gudauta.

Funny, is not it? A little history for understanding described.

For service in the 131 th Motorized Rifle Brigade I was in August 2008. After a couple of days already taken off in the first team at the airport Bambora where we are, some 10 s man, a couple of weeks have put almost the entire campground future military base in Gudauta. In September, the battalion departed to the border with Georgia Gali district, where he studied arrangement of the defense. Return from digging trenches coincided with the first organizational and staffing measures of reforming the armed forces who have been in the first team in October 2008. In the motorized rifle battalion reconnaissance platoon removed, engineers have reduced positions zamkombatov on educational work. For two months there had been no exercises classes — only works to equip the camp and in the border line of defense.

Then, our company has been focused in the Kodori Gorge for duty at their posts. We have not passed any combat coordination, there was not a 1st class for no discipline of the army, there was no shooting. Had a long march through the most difficult mountain road, some of which took place over a cliff multimeter when the wheels were hanging over the roaring stream across the bottom, but most of our drivers BTR-80 just did not have the experience of driving. Six weeks in Abkhazia drivers on contract (most of the set in August 2008) only occasionally passed some 10 of meters through the park. Preserving the brigade fuel. No, not because it was not, and as a formidable zampotyl, which as everyone feared the fire brigade officers, had a network of filling stations in Adygea and Krasnodar Territory. In the end a couple of days before leaving drivers drove around a couple of times on the old tank ranges. And with such abilities, we went to the mountains. Reached without problems, for which the guys turn the steering wheel, a tremendous thank you.

Kodori Gorge we actually met the full solitude. Parted company on strategic points: one platoon — one post. At night around the posts from time to time someone was walking and shooting, and once was. In the valley we stayed from October 2008 to February 2009, neither of the 1st class, no shooting. They shot themselves in secret, using captured Georgian ammunition. Hello, Captain B.! Hello, Major K.! Hello lieutenants and Starla! Why do you, the officers of vzvodnika to zamkombata, having studied 5 years in the "glorious" pre-reform period, never bother to spend at least one miserable occupation? Why do you prefer to just drink every day and let that started doing almost all personnel? 4 months of drinking, while the positions were very poorly equipped and illiterate when outposts are not intercede half fighter, they just did not want or were engaged in drinking alcohol. Lieutenant B., do you remember how many times I asked you to inspect shared with me NIGHT MODE Saving? You never came out, so would like to sleep. Sense was on my checks when I only just such a contractor, like the others, because the concept = sergeant in our army commander was absent? I am only for myself earned a bad attitude on the part of a platoon, because prevented hour sleep, drink and smoke pot right on the post.

Later, when you fired the unknown NIGHT MODE in the woods, do you remember how terrified you, Lieutenant, and claimed that the service was carried on the posts properly? But it did not come out again to inspect the bearing of this service, preferring a warm bed. And later Sergeant Mokrushina was dismissed squad and sent to another platoon ordinary shooter, for the young man needed a pouzhivchevee who nights do not care checks …

After 4 months of bestalantno lead time we got back to base. It turned out that no classes with the rest of the same has been done, only works to equip the base. Our company was more staffed by contract, as it was from the mountains to go nowhere. Other ba
ttalions very thinned out as the travel is not paid, but simply as a construction battalion to serve no one wanted. A couple of weeks after returning held the first fire, the above …

Later, I wrote it here
In our team a lot of military officers ™. They are easy to distinguish from the grayish, faceless mass of colleagues in the subsequent features:

— Battle Officer(Tm) will never pass by, if he sees a fighter unbuttoned button. Stern, authoritative voice, inserting a once flowery obscene momentum, he odernet insidious intruder. But let not the offender thinks that buttoned buttons, he will correct his dark crime, there is still an hour to go to him in the squares, engaging combat training.

— Combat Officer ™ up to mm knows how far from the cutting should be sewn tag at entrenching tool and how the color made the inscription on it. Tirelessly he is required to keep under control the availability and correctness of the tags, inventory, documentation, and the boards of similar things important principle to maintain a constant combat readiness units entrusted to him.

— Combat Officer ™ clearly knows that the personal belongings of contract employee is not completely necessary and bag them under the soldier's bed is not allowed. All valid items, namely soap, razor, etc. should be at the bedside table, the other is not given. Especially frightening anger Combat Officer ™, when he sees hanging on the arc of the bed, plain clothes towel. Does not matter what army wafer is not granted, but here — "striped" — should never irritate the commander's eyes.

— Battle Officer(Tm) knows that the army — no laundry, for drying, wash the things he does not have anywhere else to build. After all, the most disciplined soldier must be curious as to how dry the form if there is a rain outside, and inside the tent can not. Because of friction secrecy and discretion — an indispensable ability in intelligence.

— Combat Officer ™'m sure the trench and trenches must call to mind the aesthetic thrill of seeing the commander of flawless proportions. Combat engineering usefulness of the data structures is secondary, do not fight a war, after all, come what? The center point of the fortifications, the core of the defense, the card of the shooting, which is attributed to a fighter by heart tells its content.

— Combat Officer ™, preparing the firing and tactical exercises with the staff knows that the main focus is on the preparation of documentation, with the 10's of sheets of different plan-notes, and instructions must be written by hand. Classes themselves are not important essence, they can not spend, do not fight a war, after all, come what? Bearing pillar of combat readiness in this case is well-written plan of weekly classes.

But war veteran officer ™ is not love. There's not safe, and can destroy the tags with no compendium. Well, there is a fighter wrong: not according to the ordinance dressed, dirty, unshaven, and if something happens in your face and can give. No, do not place a military officer ™ in the war, well, except for day or three to get a well-earned certificate of combat veterans, and later reversed. After all, do not wage war as them?

Yes, the shooting took place in the spring of 2009 very rarely (1-2 times per month), no other activities not carried out in practice, but on paper, we tried the whole Ivanovo.

In April, the brigade was a big field out to the border with Georgia. In Tbilisi, just walked rallies against Saakashvili and the decor was restless. There was a feeling that can be begin combat action. And we have a shortage of personnel and training 2-3 shooting for 7 months … Our platoon was coming separate march in a remote area, but it is because of the missing items were missing gunners. Company commander pleaded perezakrepit machine gun on the 1st of the shooters, but he is not allowed because the paper did not want to make out. It would be nice to war without guns … Even when they were not long earlier in the Kodori Gorge, the officer screaming for defense gunners planted it in front of practically vertical mound, then in front of a bush, where one hundred percent overlap arc of fire. Same with one grenade grenades cumulative diligently took their seats in front of thick bushes replaced in order to cut off their only road … What is you have been taught fellow officers in schools celebrated with a long history …

On the field, and the output can be done working out some sort of action at the level of battalion and brigade headquarters, and we, infantry, just a bit refurbish the trenches, and so it promayalis 10 days without a single lesson. Feed us, too, did not go all the way — hello, zampotyl! But in the Ural Mountains city of Sukhumi with food regularly unloaded for personal benches …

After returning from the border, we constantly were built and glue labels It got a new spirit of reform: we come to the completion of the first conscripts called up to one year. They were completely without any hazing, because we, contractors, they were not going to touch it, and more and some have.

In the summer of 2009 were the first major exercises "Caucasus-2009". Little pre-departure to the landfill in Tsabal: cloaking technology, dnevki who could not make our officers, but were able to our conscripts, who had previously spent half a year in uchebke special forces. Day shooting. We have plenty to shoot out everything from AK to KPVT, hurled grenades at the first time of the service. No advanced classes were not, every shot to the best of their own awareness and ability, This machine shop here, there's a target — shoot. Where is the training of fighter fellow officers? Neuzh you wonder what the "shoot the wrong way" and "to be able to shoot" — the same thing?

Teachings themselves. BTU. One day squad learns to play the retreat, and the two companies and minometka — mobile defense. What they learn in one day? Our company is digging in the side of the trenches in the rock. Day teaching. Platoon played a retreat, a battalion portrayed mobile defense. Where work with the soldiers to explain to them what is happening? ..

Gone are the teachings and again tags, cleaning areas

Later we became a company of counterterrorism. No adequately prepared, but the daily build for divorce a day dress in full gear. In unit, which on the basis of the first to come into the fight was not even unloading …

In the first encounter with the work of prosecutors. One of our vzvodnikov fought with conscript soldiers and one officer wrote in a statement. A long trial, the officer helps out just what the conscript himself violated the law openly disobeying the order, and what an event that was specifically hassle. Continues to serve as a draftee in the company of our, relaxed out on demobilization, and the officer fired after some time, as ordered by the Minister of the officers who committed assault and battery against a fighter in the army did not want to keep more.

Autumn 2009, a small post on the border area. Contractors without annoying drunk, the officer does not intervene, maintainance rushes carelessly. I have a half-year is again on the sergeant's office, but really do not get involved, because virtually worthless, support from anyone there.

December 2009. The camp is no wood, sawing the nearest wooded area, with all this, the officers they say that the funds allocated for firewood Hi, zampotyl! You will not forget us remember about themselves.

We have frequently inspect and Moscow district commission. We regularl
y alter tags, put things in order, but they probably needed something more. Are increasingly began to conduct classes, or rather their visibility: the men sit sedately and pretend to heed the credits of the book paragraphs. The officers reluctantly, "for show", read for yourself, but for the most part blaming it on a fighter, going to engage documentation. Reading is stopped, the soldiers are bored and slowly scatter in all directions.

In January 2010, A Sound of Thunder Training on the new requirements must be recorded using photo-video! Now every occupation was really remember learning process for dispassionate camera can not be fooled. Immediately manifested incident: in practice, many officers can not tell and show, and can only read the subject under study by the book.
Evenly survey is conducted every sparingly, and activities, all in the same taper off smoothly. After all, do not need to report …

During 2008-2009 base significantly rearmed all motorized infantry battalions received new BTR-80 armored battalion moved to the T-90A, communications to the new crank, reconnaissance battalion received new sets of electronic intelligence, infantry updated helmets, body armor, communications. Everything is new, and they are able to take advantage of a very bad …

In December and January, we paid the first quarterly premium on a brand new order number 115 The amounts are pretty good, but the disparity is striking payments. Then it turns out that money (expenses), which is fully mastered the command of And for some reason there was again involved zampotyl. In the end it was removed the next commission from Moscow and after that happened on the basis of wondrous things: feed were better, and there was a fuel for vehicles.

Yes, we like before we sew tags,,,, build and sing silly and inhumane http:/ /,, but at the same April-May 2010, the start of permanent employment: strategy, Fizeau, driving (including for the squad!) etc. True class, when really trying to teach. Yes, officers often can not hold them, but they are forced from above. Now is not the main problem of the lack of training, and the inability of the lower-level commanders to spend it well.

In May 2010, I'm going on holiday with the following, as part of the dismissal while applets to reduce the contract.

Summarize. First, self-service is no enthusiasm for the reforms I have not experienced around the eyes were only some cons. Later, a little attitude began to change. Re-equipped with the latest technology base. Lost in the middle of hazing conscripts with the introduction of a year of service that, for me, well remembering an old orders in the service from 1998-2000, was a huge step forward. Began to pay good bonuses. The most fundamental: the beginning of permanent staff exercises.

In the red were stealing property and money, bad preparation and the reluctance of officers to teach a fighter. All of this is that I remember, and over the period of his own military service.

So makarom changed in the reform process that has been rapidly change can be: real estate, but stumbled on people: a lack of trained staff and poor quality of most of the available (that contract, which officers). And the problem with the shots will be more long-ikatsya (Col. Murakhovski states that at least another 6 years # t43890303). And configurations, I think there will still be a lot of breaking and foundations too. And because of all of the same personnel problems this break-up will be far away is not always correct and collated.

Almost all of the above and formed my eyes on today's reform of the armed forces.

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