Spoilage and the evil eye. Definition and characteristics sglaza and spoilage

Terms for the evil eye and spoilage already fixed certain values mystical sense, and deal with this, at least, useless. Damage, the evil eye — a kind of verbal and non-verbal feedback. Brain — a kind of biological computer that can be programmed for specific reactions. In humans, mental and bodily closely related.

It is known that the criterion of truth is experience. But there is no absolute truth, there is only a model. Operational and non-model. Those who explain the phenomena around us more successful and those that are less …

It is believed that an electrical current — is a directed movement of charged particles. Who of us in everyday life, see them? But light is lit — then a model. In our time, adopted a model in which the electrons move from the "minus" to "plus". And was once a model on which it was the opposite. In the end, no matter what the electric current "in reality", but now the model adopted conveniently explains a lot. It is therefore accepted that is more convenient.

No models of right and wrong. Preferable to use a different criterion: operational and non-models. Or acting better and worse. In the end, it is better to believe sincerely that the earth rests on three pillars, what do not worry about it.

Let's go back to the experience, as the criterion of truth. The fact is scientifically valid, as it is known, if the experience produced by someone once may be repeated under similar conditions and with the same results. In other words, what is done by one, the other will also be able to repeat, if you do that same thing.

Based on this, we can state that the fact that the home is called the "guidance and removal of damage and the evil eye," there really.

Just call we will be different: the devastating psychological effect of instructions. You can do this by accident, handicraft, professionally. Professionally it can be done using techniques Erickson hypnosis, linguistics and suggestive phonosemantics. The preferred approach to the phenomena of hypnosis, corruption, evil eye from the standpoint of materialism, rather than from the point of mysticism — hence the different terminology. However, the terminology is just more convenient to leave the old one, "mystical."

Many people probably agree with the well-known rule of logic: you can not define a concept unknown unknown though. If we fill the vacuum to some areas, it is not fog.

Under the guidance of damage usually means a strong verbal (verbal) psychological message to the wish harm to a person or group of people. Under the guidance of the evil eye is understood powerful wish harm to another person by means of non-verbal (non-verbal) behavior, that is, eyes, facial expressions and gestures. Skillful guidance of the evil eye relates more to the actor's art. Describing how to produce the evil eye, it is difficult to "sort through" all the facial features. This is the case when it is easier to show than tell.

Of course, with intimidation by the evil eye, and even more so for more malicious activity is necessary to use multiple facial and pantomime techniques.

Damage (psychological impact) as well as physical shock, you can "reflect" and "perenavesti" the one who struck first. Damage and the evil eye, the psychic (hypnotic) phenomenon, shoot with attitudes (hypnosis). "Drives out the wedge."

Phonosemantic damage formula are dangerous when they are used skillfully. Phonosemantics, hypnosis, psychological effects — it is only a tool. Knowledge of the damage — it's just knowledge. Any instrument and any knowledge may be used for the benefit and harm.

How can this be applied?
Perhaps the simplest and most well-known method targeting corruption — is the use of the particle "not" in combination with the fact that you say that you strongly "on hand."

Try, for example, suddenly shouted a man who is on the slippery ice, "Do not fall," or suddenly and loudly say, "Do not cut myself!" To that a man is cut with a knife. Everyone knows how dangerous it is. No wonder the people of advice: "Do not talk to hand!" "Do not jinx it!". (Although to be precise, it is not "evil eye," and "damage", but the essence remains the same.)

The method described is based on the fact that the particle "not" perceived consciousness, but for the subconscious mind, it means absolutely nothing. And if the moment chosen well, if all the conditions paraverbal (registration phrase), the probability that a person will do exactly what you are "not" advised him to do, is very high. The brain interprets this statement as a direct command, and is programmed to implement it. With this you personally like and innocent. Just say "arm."

Particle "not" also ensures your safety. Say the arrow, which aims to either "miss" — is one thing. But tell him, "do not miss" — is quite another. And the result of the shot, is likely to be the same.

Very often people are programming their loved ones in misery, wishing them actually good. A man leaves the house, over the threshold, he hears behind "Do not fall on the road!". Or: "Do not get caught by a car!". At the time of rupture of the pattern (ie, the action that the person perceives as a continuous, in this case — over the threshold) the subject falls into confusion and any team takes literally. Particle "not" it casts as a result is a wish misfortune.

If we do not want anyone? Or evil, it is better to say, "Be careful." At the same time, if we have conflicting goals, it can be used to induce damage. And accuse you of what? Simply impossible — because you were advised "not" to do so.

Example 2. Gypsy said damage formula, which begins with the words "Do not go." However, the man did just different — he's gone (though, as he gets — could not even remember.) For gypsy words were certainly professional "puncture". For her it would be better (and, of course, worse for the subject effects) if she had said, "Stop," or "Stay!", Or even better, "Freeze."

So, in these simple cases, the main thing — to choose the time and the corresponding paraverbal behavior. And if the phrase also has inspiring (suggestive) properties, and especially if it is aimed at phonetically hard coding, then the effect will be close to 98%.

Now — a little more about the non-verbal behavior and paraverbal (design language).
You can spend a simple and interesting experiment. If you frequently encounter on the street with the same stranger, try to at the meeting, looking at him, mentally, to himself, to greet him. Do not need to say out loud. Say "inside." If you do so about a week, most of all, he say hello to you, and loud.

You can give it a different explanation: depending on what you are targeting. Someone explain this telepathy, someone — the effects of bio-field, who would find nothing mystical explanation.

But give a sensible materialist explanation.

Shaking hands with someone, we're not just words, but also his body. In addition to the words, as we greet nonverbally — body, face and eyes. And people clearly see and feel. Therefore, even without saying a word, we can what? Then tell other people. Our facial expressions, pantomime, gestures, often in line with our thoughts and our mood — and people on a subconscious level, this trap. You can do this on a conscious level, but this requires knowledge and experience.

There is another amazing moment — a look can be felt, even when you just do not see this view. Some people have dangerous professions (police, spies, thieves, card cheats, etc.) have the ability to feel a closer look, even while looking to the back. It still plays the role of peripheral vision and intuition (prediction of human actions on the basis of accumulated experience zhiznennongo).

Well, if the face and eyes can convey information, it means that you can not just transfer information, such as the one you want to convey.

With reference to the subject, this means that you can learn to share with others their thoughts. And there are two ways. Method one — really mean? Then think that when this was all you "written on his face." The second way — to depict the face that corresponds to the idea you want to convey. That is not to think so, but nonverbally pretend think. The first way is definitely easier, though in fact, and in other cases, the minimum acting skills.

Guidance about corruption, this means that you have to be congruent uttered phrase, you have to look evil, scary, bad, strong. Look to, look at you, you could wind up without words. So that your view is fully consistent with the prepared phrase.

Here, first of all, focus on the eye. It must be a terrible sight, a strong man, fully confident in the fact that he does and says. Another thing — you have to look serious. This is required. He loves to talk one living legend, it is necessary to "keep the face with a shovel." Meaningful form — is a must. You must come from a really wave of confidence in the fact that right now and will happen here is exactly what you mean.

Who can stat sglaza victim and damage

Dusha dana only person to break the will of God, but the ministers Dyavola nahodyat slabye Locations in it and show their ability upravlyat world.

Sglaz, porcha — These Words we hear chasche recently. This deterioration of svyazano nashey life in which less ostaetsya kindness, a more stanovitsya wicked zavistlivyh people. Oznachayut these Words almost one and the same: the impact of a single Human Being otritsatelnoe nA another.

Sglaz — Is someone bad nanesenie vreda glazom, nedobrozhelatelnym look.

Chasto happens neozhidanno. Inogda we dazhe not zamechaem of kak ranim their loved ones or not they are working nA nenavistnym look that they ponizhaetsya vitality, uhudshaetsya samochuvstvie. But some of it delayut osoznanno. This shall srazu want to warn them to be aware of that evil vsegda vozvraschaetsya to zlotvoryaschemu. Opasen not only sam look but soprovozhdayuschee word. Knowingly narodnaya glasit wisdom: the word is not a sparrow, fly — not poymaesh.

Porcha — It osoznannoe nanesenie, causing zla through koldovstva in which rezultate ponizhaetsya energy zapas, voznikayut breakdowns in the biological field.

People are raznomu sglaz carry, spoilage. Some can live all your life and not nuzhdatsya treatment (people with strong energy), while others (energy slabye), if time does not raspoznayut what is happening to them and why, stradayut of life.
Sglaz can be direct, through direct naslannym kontakte or nA rasstoyanii: by phone, pictures, through kakie something objects, things.

Tak who stanovitsya sglaza victim? Srazu note that otritsatelnomu outside influences may be subject to any person from nezavisimo vozrasta, haraktera, profession, culture, a takzhe Animals, Houses, interera objects, trees. But all-taki naibolshuyu group risk phrases sostavlyayut slabye, helpless men, women (especially pregnant women) and children. In this kategorii people zapas very low energy, so try their aura is not one particular truda. They can sglazit not only people with bad glazom but — Ta-Nay, do not be surprised — a close and loving person, and sglaz happen by or laskovyh words or reckless compliments.

Evil can glaz dazhe upravlyat their spiritual, physical, emotsionalnym state. A inogda takie people stanovyatsya dazhe posrednikami between a sorcerer and a slaboy victim. That is a sorcerer named zadaet Do not forget something specific PROGRAMS action, and they avtomaticheski, kak robots, to do His will.

Limp and muzhchinam zhenschinam tend to share their problemami, sprashivat soveta dazhe have maloznakomyh neznakomyh and people go to gadalkam to uznat dalneyshuyu his fate, tak kak they hesitant, unsure of themselves, somnevayutsya pravilnosti in their decisions. They do not zadumyvayutsya that neobdumannoe communication can lead to nezhelatelnym, a inogda and very serious consequences. Women chasto share intimate details of their lives, kak said vyvorachivayut naiznanku soul to their podrugami that zachastuyu without zla brosayut frazy typeA: "That's nothing, if you ispytala nA yourself this is, it would govorila quite differently." And kak pokazyvaet praktika these helpless women nachinayut ispytyvat is something from which they predosteregali or what led them to kachestve otritsatelnogo primera.

Naprimer, Valentina ustroilas nA new rabotu, stala share in the team so kakoy zamechatelny her father: she vsegda all pomogaet, lives only radi her. Its fully blagopoluchie zavisit from him. After some time, although it is not the father nikogda zhalovalsya nA health, he suddenly had a infarkt through two tapes This month is one more that he was unable to move. Valentina pohoronila ottsa, a then stala chahnut sama. Lechilas kak mogla — and vrachey and samostoyatelno, but no improvement nastupalo. Odnazhdy, ubiraya grave ottsa, ona nashla his earth Propelling that schitala lost. Rasskazala about his babushke, TA prishla in uzhas: "Ha you porcha." A naveli it is likely those cute samye colleagues rabote that Valentina tak otkryvala trusting soul. Damage, slava God remove udalos, yes Order and lesson zhenschina poluchila though harsh, but vesma naglyadny.

Particularly accessible to every evil pregnant women. They generally kak be separated from all okruzhayuschego pink zavesoy: live in their little world, only dumayut samom vazhnom event, which will happen soon in their lives. During pregnancy, women stanovyatsya very sensitive, receptive, share with all your radostyu, take something kakie subjects — "for malysha" — inogda dazhe have neznakomyh people naprimer, the former in polzovanii stroller krovatku, etc., to razreshayut dotragivatsya his zhivota for others to pochuvstvovat, kakoy (kakaya) neposeda lives inside. Sprashivayut, kak and what to delat in their position. If a pregnant woman nA navesti damage, the child rozhdaetsya (if it is born) with narusheniem energy — offset biofield narushennoy structure and other bio defektami.

Now define the basic signs sglaza:

1. Nedomoganie, slabost, feeling of heaviness in the body, which is difficult to subject unto you. Upadok forces.

2. Headaches, dizziness, sudden skachki davleniya, neozhidannoe nosa bleeding, fever, colds zabolevaniya. Pimples (not putat with youth), razlichnye skin diseases, boils, fungi, borodavki, blood ostanavlivaetsya long, long rany zazhivayut, walleye nA glazu, dental pain, watery to eyes, teeth kroshatsya.

3. Bessonnitsa or naoborot, silnaya drowsiness muchaet zevota.

4. Propadaet appetit have "spoiled" Human Being, or is he, naprotiv, ispytyvaet goloda constant feeling, not the feeling of satiety.

5. Nervousness, razdrazhenie. If you are a victim of stali sglaza then kazatsya unto you is that everything vashe tend to spoil the already poor nastroenie.

6. Porcha nA death brings to neozhidannoy not poddayuscheysya treating the disease with a fatal outcome.

7. Not only strah, pechal, toska but razlichnye mental abnormalities that lead to schizophrenia.

8. Vrazhda nenavist and of neighbor, razbitye family, infertility, impotence.

9. Sglaz results through breakdown in the aura, in these mestah chasto obnaruzhivayutsya dobrokachestvennye and zlokachestvennye tumor.

10. "Spoiled" people fear nachinaet sveta, solntsa. He is only good in the dark, especially at midnight (diabolical nachalo).

11. Alopecia or naoborot, the rapid growth of hair all over the body nA.

12. Boleznennaya, dostigayuschaya razmerov unimaginable pride.

13. In food popadayutsya hair, a inogda malenkie and nails. Of course, this can be vinovat the one who prepared the food, but if you were povarom, then this is a clear symptom that vas sglazili.

14. Hearing gallyutsinatsii — slyshatsya golosa deceased relatives.

In children:

sglaz manifested in anxiety, in kaprizah in neprekraschayuschemsya plache in a bad dream, in a high temperature, the loss of vesa. If there takie symptoms should consult doctor a doctor. If the doctor does not have nashel rebenka kakogo-or zabolevaniya, then check to see whether it sglazhen. Kak is sdelat we rasskazhem below.

In animals:

sobaki stanovyatsya frantic, bite can dazhe hozyaina. Cows milk propadaet constantly mychat lose weight. Chicken or perestayut rush, or are spoiled yaytsami, sdyhayut, pigs stanovyatsya wild vizzhat, nikogda not naedayutsya can zagryzt chickens, ducks.

Kogda zaboleete you, is that as pravilo, obraschaetes the clinic. But doctors at sglaze, damage okazyvayutsya powerless, tak kak can postavit diagnoz, although the patient manifested many symptoms zabolevany. You brosaetes kraynosti from one to another, nachinaete zanimatsya samolecheniem, yoga, point massazhem, urinoterapiey, treatment of water, travami. And then you all-taki obraschaetes to znaharyam. Tak is better delat srazu same kak Once you zapodozrite that nA vas naveli damage or sglazili.

Diagnostika sglaza and spoilage

It is known that sobaki and cats are very sensitive to changes in the biological field, they see the effects of a thin mira, inaccessible to human glazu and therefore may stat first diagnostami sglaza-hozyaina damage. Cat sobaki nikogda nA will approach "tainted" person will not be prinimat food out of his hands, but if he decides prilaskat their pets, then coat them vstaet on end, they are hiding from him.

Can vospolzovatsya sovetami J. Longo for samostoyatelnoy diagnostiki sglaza and spoilage.

1. In the morning take a piece of stale bread myakisha, hold in your hand for 1-2 minutes, starayas nothing dumat at this point, and throw in stakan with water kotoraya prostoyala not less than a day in vashey komnate. If after 1-2 minutes the bread went down, then vasha energeticheskaya obolochka narushena.

2. Instead of bread myakisha zazhech can match and throw in stakan with water. If nA vas is sglaz or porcha, then 1-2 minutes spichka nA down the bottom.

Kogda you exactly znat, navedena nA vas porcha whether or not unto you srazu stanet easier to live, if you are "spoiled", you can nachat treatment, if not, then from izbavites neobosnovannyh suspicion Address vashih znakomyh.

From the book: Kladnikova Seraphim "How to protect yourself from the evil eye and spoilage"

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