Spring-like warm weather with little snow is expected in Moscow

Spring-like warm weather with temperatures up to plus two degrees is expected in Moscow on Wednesday, will snow in some places, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"The coming day Capital Region will be in front of a vast cyclone. Cloudy weather is expected towards the end of the day, with the approach of another atmospheric front from the south-west, will sometimes snowing," — said in a statement.

According to weather forecasts, the maximum air temperature in Moscow is 0 — plus 2 degrees in the region — from minus 3 to plus 2 degrees. Wind will blow from the south at a speed of 5.10 meters per second. Pressure grows and its value was 745 mm Hg, which is close to normal.

"In general, in the capital and the area will remain unseasonably warm weather, which will help preserve the deficiency of oxygen in the air. For most people, because of this, there may be a lack of energy, sleepiness. Due to moisture deterioration of health possible for people with chronic diseases musculoskeletal system, "- the report says.

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