Stonehenge is one of the most disadvantaged of the world monuments


Stonehenge, the ancient sanctuary of the Druids and one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the UK, due to the proximity congested highways once again in the list of the most vulnerable wonders of the world, according to the British magazine "Vanderlust."

The decision of the British government because of cost and expense to abandon the construction of underground tunnels, as well as the failure of the plan to build a tourist center forced the editors' Vanderlusta "make a list of Stonehenge in the wonders of the world under threat of extinction.
Editor in chief Lyn Hughes believes that the motorway passing near Stonehenge, "brutally ripped it out of context."
"Out of the surrounding landscape (Stonehenge -" IF "by itself is only a small part of the historical miracle. Fact remains that the government and other planning departments were not able to reach an agreement and work out a radical solution to this problem, defamatory nation," — she said.
According to "Vanderlusta" the most acceptable solution to the problem at the moment it would be a simple and cheap tourist center, two kilometers from Stonehenge, which could be built as part of the preparation for the Olympic Games in 2012.

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