Strangers helped the family of political prisoner Alexander Molchanov

How to tell the mother of a political prisoner Galina, some with guys helped her.

"The guys asked if you want to help with something, — says Galina. — And I'm so sick after Sasha's Landing, just no strength: yard is not cleaned, the entire garden is overgrown with grass. Only one flower bed and sowed. I say if you want to help — remove the yard, in the garden, maybe you'll do. "

The guys put in order the yard, dig up the garden, mowed the grass. "I do not even know who these guys are — surprised Galina Molchanov. — At home, they have not seen before … Maybe Sasha's friends, and maybe not. Promised to come back to help," said the human rights organization "Viasna".

March 2 2011and Judge Tatiana Cherkas of the Frunze district court of Minsk awarded Alexander Molchanov for Area 3 years imprisonment in a maximum security prison.

Alexander Molchanov was born June 22, 1988 in Borisov. He studied at the School of Borisov number 22. In the first half of the 2000s s was "Zubrovtsev". He studied at night school and courses painters. Then he entered the International Humanities and Economics Institute in Minsk.

Alexander Molchanov now serving prison sentences in Mogilev. Sometimes records are updated in his live journal.

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