Summer 2011 was the hottest for the U.S. over the past 75 years

Meteorologists recorded this summer, the highest average temperature in the southern United States over the past 75 years, according to television station CNN CNN.
In August 2011, in Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma established the hottest weather in their entire history. Temperatures average 30 degrees Celsius.
According to the National Weather Service, at least 22 people have been victims of a hot summer in the U.S..
In the city of Dallas, in the north-eastern Texas, within 40 days the temperature remained at 38.7 degrees.
In the state of Oklahoma was beaten temperature record set in 1934 and is 29.5 degrees.
The high temperatures have led to drought in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. In Texas, has been fixed for the most severe drought in its history.

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