Surkov again to proselytize

Religious leaders of Russia expect Vice Premier is compatible with ideological issues.

Surkov again to proselytize

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appointed Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, responsible for relations with religious organizations. For the representatives of the religious communities in Russia to a new post — not had time to become a forgotten past. Curkov already led the government commission on religious associations from February to June 2012, before it was headed by Olga Golodets. Communicated to him the religious leaders in the past, in the Bush administration.

"Izvestia" appealed to religious faiths of Russia, to tell what they expect from the new old destination.

Chairman of the Synodal Department for Cooperation ROC Church and Society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said that much, but productively with Vladislav Surkov argued for the return of the property, the presence of the Church in the school and in the army, the law on extremism, etc.

— I used to represent the interests of the Church of the meetings of the government commission — said "News" Father Vsevolod. — Most of all, it deals with practical issues: the transfer of religious property, taxation of religious organizations, the teaching of the foundations of religious cultures in the school. I think that with the advent of Mr. Surkov will be reviewed and ideological issues of national importance.

Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of European Russia (Doumer) Damir Gizatullin said "News" that Muslims, as well as "all the leaders of Russian traditional and even non-traditional confessions" Surkov familiar with for many years and have seen nothing but good from him.

— Construction of the Moscow mosque last summer renewed its involvement — a year before construction was frozen. Now we mount the dome drums — said Gizatullin.

According Gizatullina, Surkov Russian Muslims are also grateful for the organization's own satellite channel, government funding of training future imams for Russia and the CIS, as well as logistical support during the Hajj — the pilgrimage to Mecca.

In addition, Russian Muslims hope for peace ability Surkov.

— He must be able to stabilize the situation in Tatarstan's Rock after the murder of Deputy Mufti of the republic Waliullah Yakupov and attempted Supreme Mufti Ildus Fayzova — hopes Damir Gizatullin.

Representative of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJC) Boruch Gorin said "News" that "not only in government, but in the whole country there is no second official, holding our problems at Surkov."

— This assignment is to facilitate interaction with the state, not only in the political but also the economic level, and particularly in the regions, where the main problem — the incompetence of civil servants and the lack of understanding the specifics of religious organizations — said Boruch Gorin.

With the negative assessment of the Surkov, popular in liberal circles, representatives of religions disagree. In particular, the phrase "Surkov's propaganda" they are willing to be considered only in the sense of the compliment.

— Surkov has always sought to stability, peace and harmony. Propaganda of this kind it is and will be — it should come from the state minister of that rank. Well, he has to wait until we bloat, and then rake? — Said Damir Gizatullin.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, in turn, is convinced that "much propaganda, the Commission was definitely not." When asked what he thought of the spring incidents (then headed by Vladislav Surkov, the same commission, and Orthodox leaders said the campaign to discredit the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill personally and in the media), he replied:

— I do not attribute this to the name of Surkov. Work with the media and political campaigns of his commission is not engaged.

Besides the new deputy prime minister Vladislav Surkov led Government Office, in charge of civil service legislation, innovation, administrative reform, the state policy in the sphere of culture, controls the execution of the decisions of the president and prime minister.

Vladislav Surkov — Religion:

November 2006. "A critical analysis of the past, acknowledging mistakes and failures, and we can be proud of all the best that is inherited from the Empire and the Union. This includes understanding the unique experience of the Orthodox Church with the Islamic community, in other faiths, comprehensive cooperation and mutual lands and cities "- from an article by Vladislav Surkov in the journal" Expert ".

May 2011. "Islam in Russia — a religion of peace, good neighborliness and established historical relationships between all the peoples of Russia", — said Surkov at a meeting with Dagestani clergy.

August 2011. "I think that if God has people live a certain number of centuries, in the hour he sends him who brings people out of the dead end of the war, from the devastation of the disaster. And I think that Akhmad-Hadji was such a man, whom God sent to the Chechen people to take him out of trouble, to which these people came. I think, frankly, and Putin's man, who was sent to Russia by fate and by the Lord at a difficult time for Russia, for our great common to the nation "- from the interview program" Dialogues "Chechen television.

What could read Surkov on religion

In January 2011, fotobloger Ilya Varlamov was in office, Vladislav Surkov, when he held the position of deputy chief of staff of the president. Varlamov carefully photographed the entire cabinet, including a library clerk. The photos were posted on the LJ Varlamov. They show that the library Surkov were sealed publications such as the "Atlas of the Bible" — it collects maps and illustrations of biblical themes — or dictionary "Religions of modern Russia."

In addition, the shelves have seen Surkov monograph Nikolai Mitrokhin, "The Russian Orthodox Church: Current Status and Challenges". It addresses most of the layers of church life, including the "political-administrative and ideological groupings in the ROC," the economy of the ROC, temple construction, the nuances of the "shadow management" as well as, for example, the issues of "blue mafia." According to Mitrokhin, the "annual amount of funds flowing through church funds, and the pockets of the priests — several hundred million dollars." The book concludes that "the real political weight of the ROC is fully consistent with its real impact on the citizens of Russia — both values are close to zero."

There on the shelf and philosophical work of Martin Buber, "two images of faith", which investigated the basis Judaic tradition and perception of information is analyzed on the basis of the Old and New Testaments. On the shelves in the cabinet officials have also been observed following works: "In the country of holy memories" — Russian pilgrims travel to Egypt, "Born in Blood" — "the lost secrets of Freemasonry," "Dungeon, fire and sword" — the Crusades, and also "History of the Papacy."

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