Tatiana Seviarynets detained by KGB

Mother arrested policies that tonight was going to drive off in Warsaw, was detained in the house of his daughter Anna in Minsk.

According to Tatyana Seviarynets, KGB officers came to her when she had gone to the station. They presented her agenda to the investigator by the name of Sanko and said that the interrogation she should come immediately — to go along with them.

The notice states that it must be questioned as a witness in criminal case about riots in Minsk on December 19.

The detention occurred at 19:40, when before departure the Warsaw train left an hour. KGB officers said Tatiana says, that "it is time to everywhere" but Vitebsk coordinator of the organizing committee of the BCD and the mother of the prisoner Paul Sevyarinets does not believe it. On the contrary, she is convinced that urgent call for an interrogation is needed to ensure that the train is late



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