Tatiana Seviarynets questioned about the area

He went out about 22:45 of the Minsk KGB, Tatiana said that the questioning lasted for more than one and a half hours. For information about the meeting with his son, appeared on some websites, it is categorically denied.

KGB investigator wondered where Tatiana Seviarynets was December 19. On the meeting with the prisoner in KGB jail Paul Seviarynets speech was not.

Tatiana Seviarynets said that the KGB took her passport, which then did not return. She says that the passport was an employee, who did not name himself, but introduced a psychologist. If questioning the investigator concluded, the psychologist said, he wants even speak to an activist, he has it "interesting proposal."

Tatiana Seviarynets refused to continue the conversation, because the station was in a hurry: because the train to travel to Warsaw at 20.40, it was late, it would at least give his ticket. But KGB did not return her passport. Tatiana Seviarynets called the investigator who questioned her to find someone who has stayed document. But the investigator said he did not know who it was. Tatiana Seviarynets going to write a complaint against the KGB.

Recall that the mother of the imprisoned politician detained about 19. 40 — one hour before the departure of the Warsaw train. Tatiana Seviarynets planned to go to Warsaw, but near the entrance when she came out of her daughter Anne, she was given a summons for questioning.

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