Tears of blood and stone


Indian Rashida Khatoon cries … tears of blood! And her compatriot Savitri from the eyes instead of tears spilling tiny crystals. How to explain these mysterious phenomena?

To bless or curse?

Rashida Khatoon from Patna in north-eastern India has become famous all over the world after 17 June 2009. On this day, many newspapers have written, if this girl is crying … tears of blood, wherein several times a day. "I do not feel any pain when it happens, but agree that it is — shock when instead of tears from the eyes of the blood," — says Rashid.

Doctors puzzled by this very case, a suitable explanation for the phenomenon but can not find. A local Hindu theologians decided that this girl is marked by the gods, so that mere mortals should worship her. And pilgrims come from all over, just to witness the bloody tears in the eyes of Rashida and give her gifts, so as to appease through it
Gods …
Compatriot Rashid told the media on which the fall of 2008, were not so lucky. In 13-year-old Twinkle Dyfed from the Indian heartland blood oozes not only from the eyes, but from the neck, nose, out of five, so that doctors need to regularly give her a transfusion — or the girl dies. But the worst thing — do not idolize her countrymen, and cursing.

Meeting her in the street, people throw stones at her and shouting curses. Twinkle's mother, 42-year-old Nandan, Dyfed, desperately trying to help his daughter, who until recently was a normal kid — going to school, playing with friends and loved to draw. But then suddenly her body began to bleed. Now it is the case with five to twenty times a day.

Unknown disease

However, the bloody tears talking not yesterday or today. Back in September 2002, it became known Hind Mudzhahe — 23-year-old student from the Algerian city of Mascara, whose tears of blood appear every day, regardless of external stimuli. For the first time this phenomenon manifested itself in one of the local banks, where Hynde was an intern as a notary. The girl was sitting at the computer when the cleaning lady who worked alongside noticed in her eyes and cried tears of blood in horror. Since then deciphering "miracle" engaged physicians.

At first, they thought that the Hind began to bleed. The girl was examined, but no pathology was found. Subsequently, the press reported that, apparently, it's still kind of an unknown disease: in Hind appeared photophobia, occasionally there are nausea and vomiting. Girl dreams of making a pilgrimage to Mecca: believes that the holy places will give her healing.

Lebanese miracle

At Twinkle Dyfed and Hind Mudzhahe a sister in distress in Lebanon. Her name is Mohamed Hasna Meselmani. However, from the eyes Hasni no bloodshed, and fall … transparent crystals! They are small, the size of a grain, but the day they recruited about twenty or more. Girl from Lebanon "crying" crystals with a 12-year-olds. Fortunately, this does not cause pain, as these bits of glass surrounded by a gelatinous sheath. At the exit of the crystal eyes looks clear as a tear, but then hardens and gently whitens and becomes sharp as a diamond — it can even cut glass! Hasna said that crystals do not cause her pain. Local doctors can not explain this unusual phenomenon, but the girl's father hopes to get help from Europe and the United States.

According to Hasni, the story began in March 1996, and there are many mystics. The girl was in school when she felt a foreign body in the eye — it turned out it was the first crystal. A few days later she was at home when she heard a knock on the window and looked out, saw a man in white, sitting astride a white horse. The rider asked Hasni out, introduced himself as the messenger of the heavens and said that Hasna "crying" crystals at the will of Allah.

When asked Hasni, when will these stone tears run out, the rider said: "When the sky is everything." White knight appeared a few more times and gave the girl a variety of tips, how it should behave in this life. Hasna is convinced that it is protected by the prophet Muhammad.

This event excited the Arab world. The story became public — through television, magazines and newspapers. Religious leaders, scientists and doctors sought to answer the question of how the eyes of the girls may appear as sharp crystals, and it does not hurt her eyes.
There was a time when someone announced tears crystals Hasni fraud. But no one believed it, especially since the time of appearance of crystals from eyes of a girl a few cameras filmed close-ups, and cheat just was not possible.

Western doctors are confident that the "Lebanese miracle" — is cystinosis, an inborn error of amino acid metabolism, leading to an abnormally high content of cystine in the blood, kidneys and lymphatic system. In the organs and tissues of the accumulation and deposition of its cystine crystals, which — in the cornea, and sometimes in the anterior chamber of the eye in the iris in the eye fundus, and even in the optic nerve.

Amazing stones

The girl, crying … stones — a good plot for a science fiction novel. But here — no fiction! In a village in the Indian state of Jharkhand lives 19-year-old Savitri, which of the corners of the eyes instead of tears spilling tiny pebbles.

It started when she was 15 years old and schoolgirl examined by doctors. They said that nothing like it had ever seen. Explanation for the phenomenon was not found. Well, the local population is trying to find his own explanation: whether Savitri possessed by an evil spirit, or, conversely, is the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess. At least, she herself does not seem to be these stones God's blessings. Why? Because every time before they appear in Savitri begins unbearable headache. And by the way, the tiny pebbles appear in it not only from the eyes, but also from the ears, nose, and mouth.

Savitri is under the supervision of physicians. Stones from the mouth, in their opinion, it is still possible to explain — they seem to produce salivary gland. Under the stones from the nose and ears of doctors are also trying a theoretical basis. "But the stones appeared from the eyes — no, I'm hearing about this for the first time" — says otolaryngologist Raghu Saran, who tried to treat Savitri. He thinks that perhaps the stone formation is associated with increased calcium in the blood of women. And one of the Russian Internet sites found it necessary to clarify that these states are called slezokamennoy disease, and they are associated with chronic inflammation in the lacrimal pathways.

On one of the Arab sites have interesting video from the medical center, where one of the doctors said the unusual patient, the eye of which overlook the stones of different shapes and sizes. There's even a picture showing exactly this point: physician inserts a white napkin, when the eyes of the girl rolls out another dark (or black) stone.
Well, being in the zone of the unknown, everyone is free to decide which version of events to take, and how much — to reject …

Yana Kirichenko
Secrets of the twentieth century number 30 2009


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