The aliens have attacked China?


Author: Li Ming (Jinan), Oleg Mikhalin (Moscow) 2009-08-24 9:24:39

The alarming news came from China. At the end of last week, over five cities East China's Shandong Province for a few hours circling the unidentified flying objects. The fact that the aliens are looking for in China, from Jinan special correspondent The Moscow Post.

A few days ago over the administrative center of Shandong Province, Jinan City and four other major cities and towns for several hours circled many UFOs.

Last aliens visited China a year ago — in September 2008. Then the UFO appeared in the sky over the provincial capital of Sichuan city of Chengdu.

Now, several luminous balls arranged in the sky over the Jinan present fire-show.

This is what said on this occasion told The Moscow Post a resident of Shandong Province: "A couple of days ago, came over our house several luminous balls. Our family lives in the city center, so it was a UFO is clearly visible. They were flying so low that it seemed that they were about to sit down somewhere near our house. We were listening to the radio and watching TV, waiting for the news to announce it. However, this did not happen. Then the father went down to the basement and took out a gun. An hour after a UFO appeared over Jinan, we have learned from neighbors that arrived in the city with military trucks. Soon I saw that there were planes in the sky. For a while all was quiet. Then I heard a loud sound, like a bud somewhere something had fallen. After about twenty minutes to our doorbell rang. On the threshold stood a few people in uniform. They talked to my father and he was taken somewhere. Pope was about half an hour. He came back excited and perspiring heavily. He also told me that while on the TV will not tell about UFOs, I did not dare tell anyone about this. After a couple of days of the visit aliens reported by radio and TV. In the school of their classmates, I knew that the military would come to them. Their families also were ordered to remain silent. The father of one of my comrades, who worked as a pilot for the night called on the airfield. My friend, who lives near the forest, told me that the night he heard a loud sound, like a bud something fell. Then he saw the smoke and flames of a forest fire. Later moved to the woods several military trucks that went into the woods. Of these soldiers iustremilis jumped into the thicket. The father of my friend also was ordered to inform his family, so they kept quiet … "

After a few days the fact of mass UFO sightings over the Jinan officially confirmed the news agency Sina.

UFO suggest that China is the largest base of aliens, UFOs which produce their departures. Base, according to preliminary information is located on the slopes of the highest mountains in the world Chomolungma (Everest — Ed.).

Almost all of the information about flying UFO over China strictly hush-hush …


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