The aliens have saved the earth one hundred years ago … in the words of Russian scientist


Russian scientist said the alien spaceship sacrificed himself to prevent the destruction of Earth's giant meteor about a hundred years ago.

According to the newspaper The Sun, Dr. Yuri Lavbin (Yuri Lavbin), head of the Foundation "Tunguska cosmic phenomenon," found quartz slabs with strange characters, which, in his opinion, are fragments of the remote control UFO.

The discovery was made in the so-called "Tunguska event" — a widespread and still unexplained explosion that destroyed more than 100 square miles of the Siberian taiga in June 1908.

Dr. Lavbin argues that the plates are evidence that the ship was deliberately sacrificed himself to prevent a meteor collision with Earth and her death.

"We do not have technologies to print this kind of drawings on crystals," — he explains. "In addition, we found iron silicate, which can only produce in space."

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