The aliens — reality or fiction?


Aliens exist. They often visited our planet knows this space agencies, intelligence agencies, the military, and almost all the influential politicians, but the information kept secret, consider it dangerous. This is not another statement lonely farmer that he was abducted by aliens, and some ufologist self-taught.

Such statements are British radio station on the air did Edgar Mitchell — one of the most famous American astronauts and scientists. He was part of the expedition, "Apollo 14" in 1969, and landed on the moon, where Alan Sheppard 9:00 walked on its surface. Mitchell has written dozens of papers in astrophysics. About aliens says in all seriousness.

"They really are very similar to the way they are portrayed in movies. Not high, thin, with big eyes and heads. They are much more technologically advanced than we are. If they wanted, they would have long ago destroyed. Government of hiding it all — years already 60. But I know, I was connected with the military, and intelligence. Soon generally a lot of interesting open "- predicts Edgar Mitchell.

Journalists after the interview with Mitchell immediately contacted the British ufologists. Their reaction was predictable: "It's a real sensation! Dr. Mitchell — brilliant scientist, astronaut, PhD, American hero, and if he speaks about such things — then have to listen!"

However, the space agency of the United States in the statements Mitchell were skeptical. Here is a quote from a statement by NASA: "We are not in search of UFOs and do not participate in any conspiracy theories about aliens. Dr. Mitchell — a great American, but his views about the aliens we do not share."

The theory is that governments hide the facts aliens visiting Earth, appeared long ago. Any strange object in the night sky at once mistaken for a flying saucer from a distant galaxy. And the footage of American surgeons and military conduct an alien autopsy, which allegedly found in the desert of New Mexico at the controls of a crashed spaceship on television twist in decades. However, the authenticity of the shooting has not yet been proved.

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