The asteroid Apophis may encounter with the planet Earth


An unusual natural phenomenon can watch April 13, 2029 (check for the superstitious, it would be Friday), Asians and North Africa. They do not need a telescope to observe the large asteroid that will pass, probably at a distance of 34,400 kilometers from Earth. It seems to be a decent distance, and absolutely do not understand why the asteroid Apophis was an ominous name, which the ancient Greeks called the Egyptian god of chaos, Apep.

Apophis came to the attention of scientists about four years ago and that's when there were first unpleasant predictions that an asteroid weighing 100 million tons could collide with the Earth. Needless to say that such a "meeting" poses a serious threat to our planet.

Studying the potential "guest", the researchers concluded that in 2029 he and the Earth still will not face. However, no consensus on this issue is not: some experts still admit that it is a "lottery" and estimate the probability of Apophis collision with Earth as 0.0001. But even if the pessimists are wrong, the asteroid will bring some trouble for example, he could face the satellites, which are used for navigation, a broadcast television signal, provide a link. But far more dangerous than others. Passing on such a small, from the point of view of space, distance from the Earth, Apophis will inevitably come under the influence of its gravitational field, which may result in some changes in their normal trajectory. Alas, in an attempt to predict what will be the change, scientists have come to the sad conclusion that it is likely that in 2036 Apophis will come back. This time, in order to collide with the Earth.

Now the degree of accuracy of forecasts is small, too large errors in the calculations, some refinements can be made only in 2013, and even then will discuss what action should be taken. In addition, the U.S. space agency plan in 2014 to send the asteroid controlled ship whose crew will conduct a series of experiments, the results of which will shed light on the difficult situation. Even in the worst case scenario, we earthlings have enough time to take a chance and try to change the path of this dangerous celestial body.

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