The behavior of the Zodiac in conflicts in relationships

Conflicts in our lives — it is not uncommon, and they can permanently ruin the mood and even seriously damage relations.

To the aid of astrology, suggesting what is best to choose a course of conduct in conflict with different signs of the Zodiac, to quickly pay off the negative emotions and restore harmony in the relationship.

— Very short-tempered, easily loses his temper, but "let off steam", again becomes a gentle and friendly. He demands an immediate explanation of the relationship, can tell a lot of offensive words, but his aggressive behavior — it's only defense mechanism, a way to unleash the emotions. Need to give it to speak out and calm down, and serious conversations lead afterwards.

Taurus sincerely hopes that everything will be settled and so. It is a very peaceful, zodiac sign, which does not like to conflict, but if his anger — not enough space will be all. He is very stubborn, is not inclined to negotiate and listen to someone else's point of view. It can only appease love and affection. Giving offense, he will be remembered for a long time, and a good attitude is very difficult to return.

usually try to get away from the conflict and problems to switch to something more pleasant to go away. But if they fail, they will decorate a fight noise and shouting, they will always prove their case, a lot of examples and citations. They would be better to join the debate and give your reasons. Everything should be easy, logical and reasonable.

Cancer — A very sensitive sign of the zodiac, the conflict he is suffering terribly, maybe even cry. If someone close to him is suffering or ill treated him, he can get sick from the experience. On it should always take care of, as a small child, and it is better to solve the problem before he learned about it. Cancer poorly understood logical explanations, so to sort things out with him is useless. You just need to make him feel that he is needed and loved.

and conflicts behaves like a king, if it hurt — will leave with his head high. His straightforward nature will not allow silence to endure insults and if you offend him in some way, it will no longer exist for him. He readily forgive the offender and will be very much to repent for his bad behavior, if someone inadvertently offend.

— Very peaceful sign of the zodiac, she never will provoke a quarrel. But its tediousness and homilies can any ruffle. The Maiden very low self-esteem, and she sensitive about any comments. You need to carefully select words in conversation and demonstrate a good attitude.

Libra very poorly tolerate the lack of harmony in the relationship, so they often are put up first. They quickly move away, especially if they begin to look for — the flowers, gifts and more. Giving offense, they do not forget and can remember her in a few years.

Scorpio. For him, the conflicts — the favorite state, he just thrives on them. Scorpions often provoke a quarrel, but they do it unconsciously. They are very vulnerable and secretive, such behavior, they protect your inner world. Scorpios vindictive and vengeful, any comments personally perceive as universal tragedy. Generally, it is better to have the Scorpion in friends and fight together against the common enemy.

Sagittarius in the heat of an argument can tell a lot of stupid things, but then repent of their behavior. Offended, he can be harsh and cruel, but not for long. The past for him — an abstraction and all conflicts and clarify the relationship he forgets very quickly. Sagittarius othodchiv, nezlopamyaten and live with it very easy and fun.

Capricorn for a long time going through their grievances. Externally, it is expressed in the alienation and icy silence. This Sign can be vindictive, long hatch plans for a sophisticated revenge. Since it is better not to engage in open confrontation, and to explain their position gently and quietly. Then the storm has passed, and you'll be graciously forgiven.

Guess how it will behave in a conflict is almost impossible: it can then withdraw into themselves, then demand a frank conversation. Aquarians are very well able to notice the faults of others, and if need be — to laugh plenty. His clownish behavior can irritate and fray nerves. It is best to wait until the Aquarius tired ironic, quietly, as a friend, talk to him. And if you do not pay attention to his taunts, the conflict will fade itself.

Pisces very easily offended, but this sign of the zodiac is a very good way to protect — they go in yourself and wait out the storm. Fish is very easy to put up, especially to respond to affection. But if they are, nevertheless, have to be in conflict, you will find a lot of unpleasant things. They know very well your pain points and will try to pressure them pobolnee. Can go to the meanness, but then will be very sad to regret his behavior.

Knowing the characteristics of the zodiac signs of behavior during conflicts in a relationship, you can find common ground with all and stay in harmony with their environment.

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