The Black Sea Fleet is not doing tasks in Syria — Commander of the Black Sea Fleet

The Black Sea Fleet RF are found in the Mediterranean in preparation for the exercises and do not do combat missions in Syria, said Thursday the Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Alexander Fedossenko.

Earlier, representatives of the Syrian opposition of the State Council (SNC) have expressed concern about the shipment to the coast Syria group of Navy ships RF. As stated by about 2-weeks back member of the executive committee of the SNA Burhan Latrine, the last chapter of this organization, these maneuvers may contribute to the continuation of violence by the government of Bashar al-Assad against peaceful inhabitants.

"At Syria We are not doing any task. The combined group of ships of the Navy RF, which consists of ships and boats, North Sea, Baltic and Black Sea fleets, fulfills the ability to prepare for the exercises (scheduled for September) "Cascade 2012". Black Sea Fleet ships came a little earlier (in the Mediterranean), currently held Gibraltar, and the ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets entered the Mediterranean Sea. They work out under the unified command of the planned activities, "- said Fedossenko, answering questions from journalists in Sevastopol after rehearsal celebration days of the Navy RF and the days of the fleet of Ukraine, which once marked the last Sunday of July.

The conflict in Syria continues with March 2011, his victims were, according to the UN, 16 thousand people. The protests against the regime of President Assad escalated into large-scale clashes with government forces across Syria.

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