The cave complex near the pyramids of Giza


According to a researcher Andrew Collins (Andrew Collins), the pyramids of Giza hidden extensive system of caves, chambers and tunnels. These overcrowded spiders and bats underground complexes could be part of a complex of tombs for pharaohs. The caves were discovered in a limestone rock of the pyramids at Giza.

Collins found the entrance to the cave through the description in the memoirs of a diplomat and explorer of the XIX century, General Henry Salt (Henry Salt). In these memoirs of Salt mentioned in the company of Italian explorer Giovanni Kavigliya (Giovanni Caviglia) he had the opportunity to explore "the catacombs" at Giza in 1817. General describes the cave long "several hundred yards", which led to the four large chambers, which, in turn, continued with new corridors.

With Egyptologist Nigel Skinner-Simpson (Nigel Skinner-Simpson), Collins reconstructed model of the underground complex, which gave vozmodno enter the caves. The researchers managed to see a significant segment of the underground passages, but at a certain distance the air became too sparse to continue. In addition, among other hazards Collins noted the presence of poisonous spiders, and a host of invisible in the dark pits and voids.

Details of the study will be published in the ego Collins book «Beneath the Pyramids» (the pyramids), which will be released in September.

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