The Chinese are afraid of cohabitation of the Russian Federation and NATO

Chinese fear of cohabitation Russia and NATONewspaper "People's Daily" published an article entitled "The Convergence NATO and RF aimed at the deterioration of Sino-Russian relations. " It leads the Beijing edition analyzes the results of the Lisbon NATO summit. According to newspaper, "Russia and NATO, which in the past were "enemies" at the moment are "partners." Chinese analysts believe that this is a historic rapprochement is under a certain motives: "The West improves business with Russia, following objectives worsen ties between Moscow and Beijing."

Our homeland and the West realized and acknowledged that the rise of Beijing and the growth of its state might no longer be contained. Moscow in this situation act cautiously and wants to preserve good relations with China. But the main objective of the Kremlin did not lose the remnants of self-exposure and again to return to the era of the 70s. Then on the world stage sway triangle as the United States, RF and the PRC.

The position of the United States, Chinese analysts behold the so — for the moment Washington moves the center of the global strategy in Asia. In this regard, the United States, improving the business with Russia, hoping that in the future it will stick to the neutral position when the inevitable disagreements between the Yankees and the Chinese.

All this seriously scares Chinese politicians. In general, they, like the Chinese political scientists rely, that "Russia and NATO only temporarily found a common language. " Chinese warn Moscow — "if in the future the U.S. will see that our homeland is threatening them, they will tear all written agreements that have been reached in Lisbon."

Yet newspaper "People's Daily" said that things between the two countries have the internal capacity to develop. The Chinese assume that they do not undergo enormous changes due to the configuration of international environment. It remains to impose that the Kremlin is to soberly assess the "sweet-voiced choir western" and will be able to maintain the right balance in its relations with both the East and the West.

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