The Chinese claimed to return 1.5 million square feet. km of the Russian land

The Chinese demanded a return to 1.5 million square feet.  Russian km of landAccording to "The Epoch Times," Russian embassy in China are popular with the local community website "Sina" was registered microblog. "Sin" is analogous to the South American Twitter.

In the first report, to show the first of December, the Russians greeted the Chinese users. Said the launch of the microblog of the Russian embassy and asked to express their opinions on the matter.

It turned out, most Chinese have found that the comments made by representatives of the embassy. Recall that the new blog — it is the first and only officially confirmed by the Russian consulate in China, where ordinary Chinese residents can express whatever they come to mind, with no restrictions.

Already in the next few hours in the comments appeared more than a thousand messages most of which carried the bad expression in the address of. Of course, from the "Chinese brothers forever" such reactions diplomats were not expected.

The Chinese remember almost everything. Claimed the return of their land, "native Chinese" sold, in their words, "a traitor to China," Jiang Zemin, who at the last post of general secretary. His Chinese believe Sakhalin land to the east of Lake Balkhash, has not gone unnoticed and the "outer Mongolia" together with the "outside the north-east."

Most own troubles associated with the Chinese communist regime, which Our homeland has brought to their lands. Expressions that our homeland should take "his son" — the Communist Party — back were the most unusual in the middle of the Chinese people's posts.

Modernizing very rapidly remove all the negativity from the pages of the Web site, instead of it in the comments appeared congratulations and best wishes for a "Big Brother" from the "brothers forever." This story could not get much publicity, if most Comments from the remote did not have time to copy to different resources outside the Chinese sector of the global network.

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