The Chinese government bureaucrat, South American threat to Pakistan is a threat to China

Chinese government official said: "The U.S. threat to Pakistan is a threat to China"

China's large-scale military exercises carried out near Pakistan in response to a build-up of U.S. troops in the region. The Chinese government bureaucrat warned that no matter what the threat to Pakistan would be considered as smooth threat China.

Quoting message Central Television China, Junshijia reports that an unnamed government bureaucrat warned: "No matter what kind of threat in Pakistan is threat China, "in response to the growing hostility towards Pakistan by the U.S. and NATO in the aftermath of NATO bombing last week that killed up to 26 Pakistani fighter.

Pakistan responded to the airstrike own closing the border with Afghanistan, preventing supplies makarom in the United States occupied the country.

According to the report, the United States is concentrating troops on the border with Pakistan, which is seen as an act of aggression and that China sees as a direct threat to its tight fit of the Union State. In response, China has recently sent to the northwestern plateau near Pakistan's a lot of "2nd Artillery" (strategic missile force PLA) medium-range missiles armed DF-21C and short-range DF-11A for large-scale military exercises designed to express "attitude China about the U.S. danger to Pakistan. "

Chinese government official said: "The U.S. threat to Pakistan is a threat to China"

Exercise was held from 14 to 27 November with the role of Pakistani troops. Reports of this were also a huge number of other Chinese media.

The reports was emphasized China's position that its alliance with Pakistan is "brother" and that "China will never be in peace if Pakistan is lost."

"Militarily, China has conducted exercises with powerful equipment languishing in the desert in Pakistan on the 16th," the report said. "America has always wanted Pakistan, especially in recent years. Because the U.S. war in Afghanistan deepens, and military actions against Iran's influence becomes stronger, the threat of confrontation with China increases. For America, Pakistan is a springboard for strategic and geographical advantages of the military. "

As reported earlier, while China's official rhetoric in the media disk imaging on the British language regarding aggression against Pakistan and Iran is concerned about the tone in the debate taking place in China is even more belligerent tones.

In response to the Western hostility toward Iran, Chinese Major General Zhang Zhaozhong remarked that "China, do not hesitate to protect Iran even at the cost of a third world war. "These comments have caused a lot of controversy in China.

Chinese government official said: "The U.S. threat to Pakistan is a threat to China"

Iran also discusses the topic in the Chinese media reports. West led by the armed attack on Iran is not recommended, this is China also expressed a show of force in the exercise of their own nedavneshnih. Salting of China to the UN has warned IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano not to create "unfounded" evidence to justify a military attack on Iran in the name of the termination of its nuclear programs from.

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