The Chinese Indonesian train pilots to fly the Su-30

The Chinese Indonesian teach pilots to fly the Su-30Air force Indonesia appealed to China with a request to send instructors to train Indonesian pilots Management Russian fighter Su-30MK and Su-30MK2, reports Strategy Page. The reason for such a step was the lack of funds to order a similar service in Russia. Meanwhile, the Russian side reacted warily to such a deed Indonesian Air Force, for fear that China will try to offer the country an illegal copy Sou-27 — fighters Shenyang J-11.

At the current time, the Air Force of Indonesia are five Su-30 fighters. They were bought within the 2-larger contracts to supply 10 fighter "Su" — except for "30's" Indonesia has caught 6 Su-27SK and Su-27SKM. The last three fighter — Su-27SKM — were handed over to the customer in September 2010. Indonesia plans to buy another six Su-30MK2. As expected, the contract for the supply of aircraft could be signed as early as October 2010.

Air force Indonesia want to make fighter "Su" single squadron, which will deal with the operational cover the whole area of the country. In the squadron will include 16 aircraft, which will be based at RAF "Sultan Hasanuddin", located in the town of Makassar. Before the Air Force will begin the implementation of their plans, the Su-27SK and Sou-30MK will be upgraded to versions of SCM and MK2, respectively. Russian side has already received an application Indonesian Air Force to carry out these works.

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