The Chinese response to the South American plans

Chinese response to U.S. plansFirst, in 2012 the world vyznat that the South American government decided to change his defensive value, and to confirm their intentions, released a curious edition, telling that the troops in Africa, Europe and even the Middle East need to be reduced, but the military presence in the Asia's time to immediately increase.

The global community here started talking about the fact that Americans, what is called, all had their eyes on China, and that China should by all means to answer the latest U.S. strategy in order not to be clamped in a vise.

But the mentality of the Chinese people is very far from the mind-set as the Europeans and the Yankees. This "distance" mentality expressed in the words of the Deputy Director of the Institute of international relations of China's sovereign Jin Tsanchzhuna. Responding to a question about how China wants to respond to the trend of increasing the number of U.S. troops in Asia, Tsanchzhun said that China while not going to respond in any way. Such a response was clearly unexpected for many. After all, experts, including South American, obviously expected that Chinese officials will begin to show nervousness and means of the press to make a statement that immediately begin to retaliation. But not here … it was cold-blooded Jin Tsanchzhuna statements about the response of China's inaction professionals just caught off guard.

Tsanchzhun to his words added that the growing U.S. military group in a particular proximity to the borders of China looks flashy and even faster symbolic. In all likelihood, the Chinese authorities keep in mind the historical rivalry between the United States and the Russian Union of the USSR when the U.S. imposed an endless arms race, which has become one of the causes of a large hole in the budget of the Soviet Union. Recalling this, Beijing is not going to bite on the South American fishing rod, while remaining within the framework of the concept of self-defense, which is being developed one every two years. As a document defining this concept in China is referred to as the "White book of defense." The subsequent "instance" will be released in 2013, the year and accelerate this out in favor of a South American military revels Peking certainly does not want.

In this situation, the Chinese Confucian composure can only envy, because the Americans, after Qin Tsanchzhuna look less than flies, clubbing in clear glass.

But there is a judgment about the fact that Beijing all the same cunning. Verbally — one, in fact — another review of military strategy and, perhaps, is already underway. But this is the main secret of intergovernmental cooperation, which is open Peking certainly does not want.

On the recent American military strategy advocated and the deputy director of the Institute of History and Geography of Chinese Academy of sovereign Xing Guangcheng. On the general said that the currently available criteria Americans can not exert significant pressure on the concrete China even as both the economy virtually imprisoned under one another. Indeed, at least some version of an attempt to destabilize the situation in the Middle Kingdom may result in a real horror for both the U.S. and the global economy. Through the prism of the global monetary integration test of Washington to clamp vise China military does not look completely intelligible. It is also one of the reasons that Peking does not spend it on the nerves to try to "respond adequately" military perturbations white houses.

Instead of the Chinese authorities are now more concerned about the situation in North Korea. Despite the fact that the political elite of North Korea appear to be consolidated, and after the death of Kim Jong Irina, there may appear a situation completely, which is now usually called the preparations for the 'Orange Revolution'. And then the Americans as usual can "help" that buried a personal contribution to the destabilization of the situation in the Asia-Pacific region of the planet.

According to Qin Tsanchzhuna, China is now ready to do everything to North Korea was a victim of the traditional "democratization" of the West. Beijing is trying to refocus on its own North Korea on a new path of development, so that possible differences in the higher echelons of the DPRK did not use the Americans. Get "Libya" at near by management Celestial totally lust.

Do not forget that if the Americans try to undermine the situation in North Korea, the "Libya" will be at hand not only in China, and in Russia. That's why all of a sudden zeal to strengthen military forces in the Asia-Pacific region by the white houses are clear: no one shot to shoot the 1st, and even a 2-and as much as 3 birds with one stone — in fact North Korea, then China, and to all by the as Russia. The extent of the injury, "health" of these countries will be different, but whatever it was — the Yankees it would only be at hand.

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