The coalition does not know the timing of the end of the bombing of Libya

The bombing Libya international coalition forces have lasted for 7 days, but as long as the operation against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi did not bring any clarity. No uncertain terms the end of an operation, nor its ultimate goal. Coalition declares a missile and bomb strikes on military targets in Tripoli response reports of the death of peaceful inhabitants. No answer to the question of who will give the U.S. command of the operation, and why the coast of Libya was expelled U.S. Navy amphibious group, if UN Security Council resolution does not give the right to conduct ground operations.

Libyan authorities, who are not able to resist the military intervention by the West, blame the international forces in the attack on heresy and civilian objects. According to data from Tripoli on Thursday night airstrike was carried out on residential areas of the town Tadzhura, which is available in a particular proximity to the capital of the country. The country's official news agency Jana here hastened to make a statement that during the raid were significant sacrifices in the middle of the civilian population. According to Libyan military strike became rescuers who found under the debris of dead and the wounded after previous raids. In addition information was received that a similar attack suffered another city, located to the southwest of trypan, Jafar. All in all, the victims of air strikes on areas of the country according to the official authorities were more than 50 people.

About the middle of civilian casualties in the report to Jafar and Ukrainian doctors who work in this town. According to the doctors of the town Tadzhura, city subjected to raids all night and part of the day or on Thursday, with the result that wounded 10's civilian inhabitants, who were taken to hospitals, some in a very languid state, most of them died, the ITAR-TASS news agency, referring to the Libyan doctors.

Representatives of the international coalition refute this information, but not very confident. Rear Admiral Gerard Huber — Chief of Staff of the joint operation "Odyssey. Dawn ", said only that the Pentagon has no information about the victims in the bombing of peaceful citizens. Coupled with the fact he repeated the idea that the main task of an operation is not the overthrow of the regime, and protection of the civilian population of Libya. With his words, agreed to French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe and the Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa. Alain Juppe noted in addition that the air strikes in Libya applied only on military targets and will continue until such time as it is needed.

The coalition does not know the timing of the end of the bombing of Libya

Together with this increase in the number of victims in the middle of civilians Libya causes more discontent within the countries of the coalition parties. So the U.S. has once again started talking about whether it was competent to award Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The other day on the issue in an interview with the Spanish edition of the CNN said Barack Obama himself. During the interview, he said he did not think the state acts against Libya ground invasion of a foreign country, we are not going to invade Libya, we do not perform operation alone, more than that all our actions agreed upon the UN Security Council, the president said. Obama expressed his belief that the operation Coalition forces opposite can save the lives of the civilian population of Libya. Rent the reasons the president and those who advocate for the deprivation of his Nobel Peace Prize. Getting credit, I specifically noted the ambiguity of the situation, because at the time I had to deal immediately with 2 wars, said Barack Obama.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the Pentagon, which announces its intention to transfer its own control over the NATO operation began to flip to the conflict zone of their own Marines. From a military base in Virginia in the Mediterranean Sea sailed over 4 thousand soldiers of Bataan and amphibious troops of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Force. On what tasks put before this contingent, the Pentagon does not apply. Observers also once again reminded that the ongoing operation "The Odyssey. Dawn ", prescribes to take all necessary measures to protect the civilian population of the country, but it excludes the input of the occupying forces in Libya.

Meanwhile, among the members of the coalition began to intensify the debate about what to do in the coming against the Gaddafi regime. Despite the fact that the statements of the coalition forces have destroyed Libya's air defenses, no major breakthrough in the fight against the insurgents with government troops has not yet come. As no clear that when this operation goes to end. On Wednesday, Robert Gates — Pentagon chief, spoke about the fact that the resolution adopted by the Security Council does not specify a deadline for its implementation. I guess no one had any illusions on that score that the air strikes will last 1-2-3 weeks, we plan to finish them only when Gaddafi remains more forces to attack the peaceful inhabitants of Libya, Gates said. But the differences between members of the coalition appeared on the subject. Alain Juppe specifically stated that destruction of Libya's military capacity can take a number of days, weeks, but certainly not months.

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