The colonialists did not put up with the loss of the colony

The colonialists did not put up with the loss of the colony

The Syrians and found a spread in social networks photograph taken in the far 1941, when Syria was still under the authority of the French colonialists. On the black-and-white shabby picture — French General Georges Catroux is next to the old man with eyes Stealther — Nur-Eddin Al-Khatib. It took more than 70 years — and the grandson of the Nour Eddine — Muaz al-Khatib, a preacher in the last Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, now a deserter and fugitive from the Motherland — elected head of the "coalition of the Qatari" made on November 11 at a meeting in Doha. Yeah, nothing to say, little family with old traditions!

And France, in front of the whole planet, thanked hereditary collaborator Al-Khatib, whose grandfather collaborated with the colonialists, for faithful service. Specifically, the former mother country first recognized "the Qatari coalition" legitimate representative of the Syrian people. These have now "tiranobortsy"! Well, rather than in addition to the flag of the "opposition" look — a green-white-black with 3 stars — this is the flag of the period when Syria was under French mandate.

Between the last French president (and South American) have one thing in common — each of them wants to take part in any "democratic" anger. When Mitterrand bombed the Bosnian Serbs, and France, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council supported this decision. When Chirac bombed Yugoslavia and France took an active role in the operation under the title "Merciful Angel", which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids and adults. Sarkozy came to power — and loudly called for the intervention in Libya, and specifically the first French aircraft attacked the country. Hollande now and itching "otdemokratizirovat" Syria.

Back in the summer French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Eyraud, undeterred, read that France delivers Syrian rebels communications equipment and other machinery. It read as if the equipment is not set up for the kill. But still — is not aiding the killers?

Now psevdosotsialist Francois Hollande met with the grandson of an old collaborator — Muaz al-Khatib. After this meeting appeared in Paris salting of Syrian terrorists — some Mundhir Makhus, which, coupled with his boss was part of the delegation that visited the Elysee Palace. But these "fighters for the rights of Syrians" of French as a mercy mission illegal ambassador was not enough — they begged Hollande put a heavy gun. He promised to bring the issue to the EU states.

Hollande previously announced plans creation in Syria "buffer" and "no-fly" zone. However, then it is a minister of foreign affairs chastened chief, stating that such zones can be made only by the UN Security Council. And the position of the UN Security Council is clear — our homeland and China do not give a nod to another adventure, similar to that already has destroyed Libya. But Hollande, knowing this, is trying to raise the morale of terrorists operating in the area Syria. For this he promises to create a "no-fly zone", in other words, inhuman bombing of Syria. And just that terrorists want. They are also at risk every time, setting improvised explosive devices near schools, hospitals, shopping centers, mosques. Of course, they want such support from the air, so they do not have to take more risks — again — and with French or South American plane drops a big bomb and destroy the building, to the explosion of which the terrorists would have to spend a lot of effort. But you can see how the "opposition" road Syria, if they want it to towns such fate!

In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, insolently Fabius admitted that French intelligence helped run some defectors from Syria. He did not specify anyone in particular, but it was clear that the question about the general-traitor Manaf Tlass and the former Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab.

Both traitor, without shame, confirmed that fled the country by the French secret services. In the ordinary world in this their political career would have ended completely, because no one people in the world would be able to forgive and accept such fugitives as their representatives. But in a world where such Judas enjoy the patronage of some wealthy countries — these fugitives under strong "roof", even dare to count for something. These types nourish the hope that they will include a sort of "shadow government" and recognize its legitimacy!

Another predecessor Hollande, the butcher of Libya Sarkozy and who was with him the minister of foreign affairs Alain Juppe loved to repeat like a broken gramophone record, "Assad must go." French people are not attracted, the fire fighters Nicolas Blood, and he chose another president. And the new president began turning all much the same worn-out record.

It took 70 years from the time that France Syria lost the colony as his own and had to recognize its independence. But, as demonstrated by the recent actions of all these confessions "opposition" colonial itch does not give her peace of mind. She does everything in order to regain its sovereignty, right now, even in the event of victory over Syria, it will not be complete, it would have to share it with the U.S., Turkey and other NATO partners. But it does not bother Hollande, supporting at least some villain in Syria, if only the position of the villain comes in the framework of French lzhesotsialista neokolonizatorskih plans.

A little getting freedom from Turkish rule in 1920 Syria here fell under the rule of French, and the French League of Nations issued a mandate to govern the state. French occupation army led by General Henri Gounod resisted weakly armed army Syria, newly originated, who did not have anything, not counting rifles and machine guns. The French had the same languid artillery and aviation. The confrontation was uneven. Syrian Defense Minister Yousef Al-DIMENSIONS took the fight, knowing that winning it is unreal. But the real patriot own country, he could not let the French took Damascus completely without a fight. Real took place 23 kilometers from Damascus, in a mountain gorge Meysalun. Yousef Al-DIMENSIONS personally involved in an unequal battle. The soldiers fought the whole day, but an advantage of the French was very overwhelming. Only when they all perished, France was able to move to Damascus.

In 1925, rebelled against the French occupation of Syrian and Druze, they even almost managed to free Damascus, but France's own military power in 1927, crushed the rebellion. The first shot in this rebellion was made June 7, 1925 — hero Radwan Hussein uprising Murshid wounded French officer when he gave the order to disperse peaceful anti-French demonstrations.

Syria pochetaet own heroes. And Hussein Radwan first Murshid November majestic monument was built in the town of Suwayda. Architect Fouad Naim increased attention to the great big blade hero which He squeezes a strong hand, calling for the Syrians to the battle.

Those were the true rebels who fought for their country. Now the word "insurgents" Fuck up very much, now so called trash, recruited from all over the world, drugged, and for the means of killing the Syrians.

And in the center of Damascus is a monument Syrian Defense Minister Yousef Al-DIMENSIONS, the hero of the battle in the valley Meysalun. It is not
so long ago, another monument Al DIMENSIONS stood near the structure of the General Staff. But on September 3 this year, attacking the General Staff, the terrorists have not spared a monument to national hero. Vandals destroyed it. Can there be a way to Syria this story mercenaries? Or the descendants of those who collaborated with the occupiers?

While the Syrian government and the people of the country puts the monuments to the heroes — the so-called "opposition" cooperate with neocolonialists, worn with colonialist flags, killing the soldier and civilians. France recognizes these murderers and terrorists "legitimate representatives of the Syrian people." That is only necessary if the people are "representatives"?

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