The commander of the group of sappers died in an explosion at the site in Orenburg

The commander of the group of sappers killed in an explosion at the site in OrenburgOfficer, Group Commander blasting died during the defeat of obsolete munitions Totsky site in the village. Totskoe-2 in the Orenburg region (180 km north-west of Orenburg). According to the preparatory disk imaging, he acted in strict accordance with the requirements of safety rules.

The incident occurred last Wednesday at 18:50 Moscow time on during checking e-explosive chain reported Thursday the Defense Ministry. Portal said that the landfill was performed destruction of obsolete 125 mm high-explosive shells.

Lost officer — Lieutenant Stanislav Vershinin. He arrived at ground, failure to discover the preconditions detonating shells.

"With the initiation of another explosion failed. Officer took all located near the staff of the shelter, pulled out a key subversion machine, disconnect the main circuit, laid waited 20 minutes and put on protective equipment, has moved to a place of bookmarks. At his approach to the well by the subversive yet unexplained reason, there was a explosion, become a prerequisite for disaster, "- said in a statement the Ministry of Defence. Officer received injuries incompatible with life.

At the current time on-site emergency commission works military establishment, which recognizes the accident scene. According to the results of the preparatory investigation, officer acted in strict accordance with the requirements of security.

Upon the death of the soldier of the Military Prosecutor's Office CVO of review. Its results will be known later. Destruction of ammunition at the firing range Totsky suspended.

This is the fourth month in a state of emergency, which occurred at a military training ground in the Orenburg region. Previously, there was a string of accidents on Donguzskaya military training ground on August 30, September 4 and September 13. As a result, they suffered six fighter. During the day before the last state of emergency at the site Donguz visited Governor Yury Berg, who said that the situation was under his personal control. According to the website, the other day in the regional government put puzzle "to fulfill the state program for utilization of ammunition without accidents."

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