The company Energomash sold Yankees Russian rocket engines for half the price the costs of their creation

The company "Energomash" selling Americans Russian rocket engines for half the cost of the production cost

Billions of dollars in losses for our country turned into a delivery to the U.S. Russian rocket engines. Conducts inspections of "NGOs" Energomash "auditors of the Accounting Chamber (AC) found that Russian rocket engines RD-180 for U.S. launch vehicles" Atlas 5 "sold for half the price of the costs of their creation. Exclusively in 2008-2009 the loss of such "successful" sales amounted to about 900 million rubles — almost 70% of all losses "Energomash." That's not all. Our engines continue to assist the deployment of America's own missile defense system.

Former management "Energomash" said checks Chamber nothing else, as a revenge. As evidence — some quixotic story of extortion large bribes, which four years back Tipo sought checking, and does not end well. It is surprising that the auditors had to wait for four years, that "revenge" had already removed as CEO, who is also completely safely finalized until 2010, as a result of writing down his own team of directors prize of 100 annual salary worker "Energomash." Walking rumors that Pakhomov Tipo fired for what he ignored the instruction of the former head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Perminov enterprise integration with RSC "Energia". If the order was made, "Energy" would get competitive advantage to the detriment of another Russian missile firms. And most importantly — Pakhomov de believed that the transfer of the municipal enterprise "Energomash" (more than 80% of the country) personal RSC "Energia" (more than 70% of shares from private owners) should be carried out in compliance with the laws on privatization of strategic companies. For that, they say, with the general and settled scores. The only question is whether this is a matter of fact.

Indeed, the main fraction of the share capital of JSC "NPO" Energomash "belongs to the state represented by the Federal Property Agency. "But there are subtleties — explains the auditor of the Audit Chamber Sergei Rjabuhin — because nedavneshnego time before the actual management of enterprise producing management company, once owned a 20 percent stake in OAO. Holders of the company changed a couple of times. A government failed to establish control over the NGO "Energomash" only at the end of 2010. "

In other words, while government do not grab just behind the head and over the pocket, counting losses, everything was going great. And management "Energomash" had no desire to pass so comfortable in controlling the company "RSC" Energia "with an even more effective management of non-state, which could suddenly reveal all prepyadstviya" Energomash. " And even faster than it did Chamber. Lack of control is afforded even more prizes, if the game is paired with "energy." Hence the reluctance to conduct the interaction that led to the eventual conflict with Roskosmos and Perminov personally.

By the way, and the modernization of NGOs would have to be carried out in a transparent mode — private owner would never shut their eyes to what they are shut down government. Specifically, the audit showed that out of 2.5 billion rubles, which government transferred to modernize "Energomash" reasoned manner was not spent a dime. According to the auditor Sergei Ryabukhina in "Energomash" simply ignored the requirements of the directive and the need for modernization. And that's what happened to 2.5 billion rubles, have yet to learn. Will have to find out and much more: for example, why a minority shareholder of GC "Region" was organized sabotage of work to implement the state own shares in eight times the real price? Sabotage, surprisingly, ended very well: in the end price of a package belonging to SC "Region" — and this is after the country naikrupneyshy shareholder "Energomash" — grew by a billion! Against the background of similar antics somehow look quite so melkovato other violations. For example, the leaders signed contracts with the factory on rent to own vehicles, which was used as a service, and received for it about 5 million rubles year.

But it's all the flowers. Berries, as it turned out, where as more dangerous to the health of our country.

They say that cooperate with the Yankees JSC "NPO" Energomash "began in 1995, with the personal mediation of Boris Yeltsin. In fact it started a little earlier, in October 1992, when the "Energomash" launched an affiliate program from cooperation with "Pratt & Whitney." It was also signed an agreement on joint marketing and licensing of technology to companies and United technologies Co "Pratt & Whitney." "Energomash" proclaimed these structures to represent them in marketing in the manufacture, use or sale of licensed and propulsion technologies for all programs when and contracts in the United States.

Cooperation, however, was nothing shaky or rolls. In January 1994, NASA posted the report "Access to Space" is the first time it was mentioned the possibility of using engines of development "Energomash" as the main propulsion engines. And in 1995, the Russian company has applied for a role in the engines for the latest at the time of the American rocket Atlas IIAR. Competition announced the company "Lockheed Martin Astronotiks", and the "friend of Bill" as Yeltsin called Clinton's own South American officer had great personal connection with the management of the company. In general, Clinton put in a word, and the NGO "Energomash" managed an unprecedented way to get around all the competitors. Or maybe it was the other way — our engines are really at the time were the best, not just the cheapest.

In "Energomash", for example, are convinced that the development of the RD-170 engine ahead of similar developments in the United States for 8-10 years. It seems that it was, in January 1996, the company "Lockheed Martin" announced the selection of liquid rocket engine RD-170 engine as a first stage rocket Atlas IIAR.

To readers posed to myself that after all this missile slider, say that the weight of the unit itself tends to 5.5 tons. In the engine involved not only supernovae technological developments, and the super-expensive materials. There is a theory — it needs to be tested, but expressed serious professionals in the field of missile technology — that contract with the Yankees, we were not in the least because of the low cost of RD-170 engines. First such loss could justify dumping for the conquest of the market. But later captured and market, and slider improved, but in the end the RD-180, which was delivered the Yankees in recent years, had to be at least 40% more than the price indicated in the contract with the Yankees. Why had the "discount", is an open question.

Our homeland is not formally involved in the U.S. missile defense system. On the days of the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Russian President has rejected the offer to make a "sectoral" missile defense system with the role of the Russian Federation and the delineation of responsibility.

"NATO can not pass the responsibility for the safety
of the country, which is not a member of the alliance," — talked to him on the subsequent briefing Secretary General Rasmussen.

Still involved in the defense of our constituents, precisely mentioned engines. But here's the trick: instead, we obviously do not get the ability to control the process and even lose money. But specifically sold in the U.S. Russian RD-180 engines were sent into space the first satellite of the new system of early detection of ballistic missile launches SBIRS, operating under NATO missile defense system. With all of this RD-180 engines are designed and certified for use on U.S. launch vehicles of the family "Atlas". In other words, our country — not without the connivance on the part of the ordinary management "Energomash" — stuff the elements of the U.S. missile defense system, which is now, according to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, threatens our national security!

At the end of March 2011 Our home in America has put 53 engine. Held 6 launches rocket launchers "Atlas 3" with the RD-170 engines and 24 launch rocket launchers "Atlas 5" with the RD-180 engines. All launches were successful, comments regarding the work of engines that have been reported. If you are using Russian engines were launches orbiter to study the lunar surface and apparatus for the study of lunar craters (LRO / LCROSS), gallakticheskogo apparatus to study the surface of Mars, gallakticheskogo apparatus for exploration of Pluto and its moon Charon in the programs from "Flight to Pluto." This year's "Atlas 5" displays in the space apparatus "Juno," soaring to Jupiter and the Mars Science Laboratory.

And all this — for half price.

PS When the material has been prepared for publication, it became clear that in addition to the activities of the Accounting Chamber "Energomash" interested in the Attorney General's Office and the Federal Security Service. We will inform our readers about the upcoming course of this ugly history.

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