The company Hund finished development of a supersonic trainer / SS L-15

The company "Hund" has completed the development of a supersonic trainer / SS L-15

Company "Hund Aviation Industry Corp..» (HAIC — Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation) graduated from the development of two-seater supersonic jet trainer / SS L-15, and began training to small-scale production phase. On this, as reported by RIA "Novosti", said the agency "Xinhua".

To date, the most experienced of samples collected 5 L-15, the last of which will be used as a baseline scope for the development of small-scale production.

At the same time, completion of the L-15 lasts. The enterprise "Hund" is currently the sixth most experienced assembly ends standard CF / SS L-15, which will be mounted turbofan engine AI-222-25F engine with afterburner. JSC "Motor Sich" gave the company "Hund" engines AI-222-25F for installation on second reference experienced in June of this year.

The first flight of the sixth most experienced standard L-15 with the latest over-capacity power plant in the flight test is scheduled for September 2010. Specifically, this standard will be made in the final configuration. Willingness to the next version with the same engine, gear afterburner, is expected in 2011.

The company "Hund" also began design work on the creation of one single version of the aircraft. In the coming term, based on the TCB will be created option a light attack aircraft. At the current time, "Hund" is considering options for its weapons. This modification will be offered to supply the PLA Air Force and for export. It is possible the creation version of the aircraft for the Navy.

For the first time the company has "Hund" announced plans to equip the L-15 afterburning engine in the international exhibition "Air Show China 2008". Slider AI-222-25F provides traction to 4,200 kg in afterburner. Plane L-15 with this engine will be able to reach speeds of up to 1.6 M.

Go with flight testing of AI-222-25F, JSC "Motor Sich" continues to develop improved versions of AI-222-28F and AI-222-30F with pull 4500 and 5000 kg, respectively. These engines can be installed later on, and severe cases L-15, also other Chinese platform.

Ukraine considers the program from L-15 more successful and promising area of cooperation with China in the field of military-technical cooperation.

Our homeland has also assisted China in the development of this aircraft. Namely, the Yakovlev Design Bureau for 3 years assisted in the evaluation of the concept of aircraft produced and scientific and technical support of the project L-15 trainer. The contract provided for cooperation programmke L-15 on the conceptual design stage from 2003 to 2005. This was followed by supplements that extend the role of Yakovlev Design Bureau in the Chinese program there.

L-15 has the highest off mass 9800 kg. Service ceiling — 16,500 m Aircraft length of 12.27 m Wingspan — 9.48 m design of the aircraft is 25% made of carbon composite materials. Service life — 10 thousand flight hours or 30 years. TCB L-15 is designed for pilot training aircraft such as the J-10, J-11, F-16 and others.

For application developers, L-15 value will be significantly lower than that of its analogues. Specifically, the operating cost of approximately $ 10 million in the base version, and will vary depending on the configuration. This aircraft, according to the views of the developers will have excellent prospects in the global market CF / SS. First, it discusses the possible customers of the country, which are the operators trainer K-8 "Karakorum". On the world market the L-15 will be a direct rival of the M-346, T-50 and Yak-130.

Air Force representatives from several African countries, including Namibia and the DRC, have already held preliminary talks with the Chinese side on the acquisition of L-15. The Venezuelan government also assesses the ability of the acquisition of L-15. It is planned that the decision to purchase new aircraft will be made after receipt of order in China TCB K-8 "Karakorum".

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