The company produces Amendment II body armor, made satchel Ballistic Backpack designed to protect against bullets

Ballistic Backpack equip a holder for bottles, outer pocket, headphone output, the right amount of 20.6 liters (1257 cubic inches). Buyers can choose from one of 2 levels of protection. You can also bring your own backpack and equip RynoHide.

The company produces Amendment II body armor, has created a backpack Ballistic Backpack is designed to protect against bullets

The reason for the creation of the portfolio has become notorious shooting in Connecticut. Satchel can use at least some people, but in the main it is intended for students. If desired, it can even decorate the image of the beloved cartoon characters or superhero. The idea is that Ballistic Backpack will protect the user (or part of it, at least) when people get away from the attack, or to serve as a shield, if you raise between the user and the attacker.
Most of the portfolio is made of ordinary polyester, but the rear section is lined with a layer of proprietary company Amendment II material RynoHide. Designed in conjunction with the Institute of Nano Institute of Utah (University of Utah's Nano Institute), RynoHide uses fabric woven with carbon nanotubes in order to stop a bullet. Reportedly, lightweight and flexible, RynoHide has a small amount of strain — which means that it is perfectly reduces the impact zapregradnogo strike hit a bullet.

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