The company Tactical Missiles sixfold increases production volumes

Company "Tactical Missile armament, "Which was created in 2002, for 10 years has become very strong, measured growing company that is able to be konkurentnst in the global markets of modern weapons. This was on the eve of the tenth anniversary of Boris said Obnosov, director of the company.

The main result of the economic and organizational work of the company, in his view, is to gradually increase the supply of military products export both bands and stripes on defense contracts. If the company's profit in 2004 amounted to 6.76 billion rubles, according to preliminary figures of the previous year, the income of the holding will be almost 40 billion rubles.

So Makar, profit actually increased by 6 times.
It is noted that the income of the holding has increased by approximately 8% when associated with 2010. If we talk about the head office, the profits of the past year amounted to almost 9 billion rubles.

Portages said that revenue for nezapyatannoy company plans to achieve a level of 3.1 billion rubles
He also noted that today the company of supplying the customer a wide range of its products, among which the aircraft operated armament class "air-surface", "air-to-air" sea Missiles classes "shore-to-ship", "ship-to-ship", as other systems maritime defensive and offensive weapons.
Director of the company also said that according to the results of research in the field of global arms market, published in the journal "Defense News" is holding steady position in the global Sotk favorites defense companies. According to the results of 2010, company occupies the 62nd row.

The corporation "Tactical Missile armament"Consists of 19 major companies military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Portages noted that the combined structure found a realization of how company new type, which could save technologies used at each facility, to continue their development on the basis of forthcoming corporate purposes, which are focused on the implementation of municipal tasks.

Recall that the process of integration of the company took place in stages. The most difficult step was 2, because the company has entered 8 companies, among which SSPE "Region" GosMKB "Rainbow", GosMKB "Vympel". Each of these companies before the merger was the lead in their own way. So, for example CB "Rainbow" was responsible company on missiles "air-to-surface", "Vympel" — on missiles "air-to-air" and "Region" — to create an underwater gun.

Now all these businesses are the backbone together with the head of the holding company. Together they provide the final delivery of products to customers.

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