The complex automatic small gun Barishev

Speaking about the Russian automatic weapons twentieth century, we can not ignore one of the most curious complexes, which are not created in the industrial research institutes or design bureaus Huge arms companies, and professional designer lone Anatoly F. Baryshev. He outlined a new way of creation of light automatic weapons infantry with the introduction of a whole range of various ammunition, from maloimpulsnogo submachine gun cartridge 5.45 mm and ending with 30-mm grenade shot. This pathway involves a significant increase in number of gun fighting properties, including the effect of the best breakdown of bullets in the defeat of the enemy, provided with appropriate personal protection equipment.

The complex automatic weapons BarishevDesigned Baryshev complex (modulus) of small tools with a new locking assembly comprises: Machines AB-5, under 45 submachine gun cartridge 5.45 × 39 mm, and AB-7, 62 submachine gun cartridge at 7.62 x 39 mm assault rifle rifle under AVB -machine gun cartridge 7.62 x53 mm, 12.7 mm machine gun mnogokaliberny CPB and 30-mm automatic grenade launcher under the regular ARGB shot VOG-17. On the creation of this instrument engineer started to work in 1962, and in 1969 he received a certificate of authorship to the latest design of the locking device of the barrel. For several decades, the designer brought his gun to the industrial level, and in the 80 years of his standards were tested initially in the Armed Forces, and then representatives of the KGB and GRU special purpose troops of the USSR Ministry of Defense. Representations about weapons Barishev divided. The military, which had regular, reliable and, most importantly, it is a complex waste guns Kalashnikov (AK-74 machine gun RPK-74 PKM machine gun and a single), did not need more and better weapons, as for the production of new models in the creation, its production and development of the required number of troops needed in huge monetary costs and quite a lot of time. But representatives of special services called for the urgent adoption of tools Barishev adopted, it was justified The advantage of it over the likes of Russian and zabugornom standards. But soon the subsequent disintegration of our country and the concern of power structures neuvvyazkami very different, and at first its survival, has led to the fact that the question of the adoption of a full range of tools Barishev or at least its individual was put under very great fluctuation. But the energetic designer continued his work, and in 1993 the Russian Federation Committee on Patents and the Patent Office issued Anatoly F. patent number 2,002,195 for the invention "locking mechanism of small arms or artillery." So makarom again officially recognized the uniqueness of industrial importance and adaptability locking mechanism Baryshev.

The lack of support at home from the formal structures of Anatoly F. forced to find help for the continuation of their own work abroad. The instrument of Russian designer interested in a small Czech arms company LCZ-Group, was engaged in the resale of the main instruments abroad. Under the contract LCZ-Group has received from Barishev module, consisting of 7.62-mm machine 7.62-mm automatic rifle mnogokalibernogo 12.7 mm machine gun and a 30mm automatic grenade launcher, and, in addition, all new 9 mm pistol-50 with magazine for 14 rounds. Already the first open demonstration of this tool on the international arms exhibition IDET-95 in Brno has made a real splash in the world. But the Czech company in breach of contract put up for IDET-95 gun Barishev, trying to pass it off for their own development, while private label (with the indices LCZ B-10/B-40), simultaneously withdrawing from advertising the name of the designer rooms and patents. Samples were dishonest weapons dealers realize the patent for the gun in the West were simultaneously suppressed, and the contract between Baryshev and LCZ-Group terminated. The newest Russian weapon returned to their homeland, which, as it turned out a little later, as before it was not needed. Although used in weapons Barishev unique system of locking the barrel, modular design (due to the general unification of all samples), the use in the construction of modern technology not only can be found on many decades of development of the busier main personal weapon of infantry, and significantly reduce the costs its creation, facilitating its operation and development of the troops.

The complex automatic weapons BarishevCannon Barishev refers to automatic systems that use for blowback. All samples of this instrument are very typical breech made by a single scheme. Their peculiarity is that in addition to its own main function they provide to the same partial absorption of recoil guns, as the details shutter — combat larva, slide, frame and shutter locking lever — aggressively are not connected among themselves, because a significant part of the recoil energy during a shot expended on a consistent reduction in their movement, which in turn due to collisions of the moving parts and stretching of the time act substantially at least 2.5-3 times, reduces the recoil force. Lowering the recoil forces, acting with the shot at hand, has allowed not only to increase the accuracy in the mode of automatic fire continuous bursts, and once this decrease by 2-3 times the mass of guns, also use any type of small arms ammunition guns, ranging from maloimpulsnyh automatic grenade launcher and ending with massive shots. While maintaining the accuracy of fire is allowed to reach out from the installation of such weapons to the complex and languid machines and do regular and light bipod. The undeniable pluses of the new system and the failure can be attributed to the gas engine (gas piston, the gas chamber and exhaust paths), which is significantly simplified and reduced the price of the design tools and influenced the improvement of its performance.

Shooting Barishev is up in arms with the so-called rear sear, ie moving parts of automation before the shot is in the rear position, and in an unlocked chamber cartridge is missing. This design is more typical of sub-machine guns, machine guns and automatic guns. Brand new design tools Barishev permitted, in contrast to the regular samples of Russian small guns in public because of the huge dispersion even when shooting small bursts at a distance greater than 50 m only the first bullet has the ability to hit the target (and hit the enemy in more than one bullet can be fired only at point-blank) to do the main type of automatic fire shooting, and the shooter is at a distance of 200-400 m with the highest degree of probability can hit the target. Dissipation by firing bursts of machine Barishev at least 10 times lower than that of the regular gun.

Particularly impressive merits of the new mechanism appeared in mnogokalibernom CPB machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher ARGB that continuous fire when shooting with bipods provide sufficient stability, having essentially the smallest mass than comparable full-time benchmarks — mnogokaliberny heavy machine gun NSV-12, 7 "cliff" and automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-17 "Flame". The reduced weight mnogokalibernogo Barishev design tools, above all else, has reduced the calculation of 2-3 people before the 1st arrow and dramatically increase maneuverability, which is very crucial
for the conduct of hostilities in town, field fortifications, in the woods, that is in the complicated criteria battlefield where small tool is a priority. The presence of such weapons in the army at once can have a positive impact on the change in the strategy of engagement and expansion capabilities of small units.

The complex automatic weapons Barishev

7.62-mm machine gun Barishev AB-7, 62 with unfolded butt

Automatic Barishev AB-5, 45 and AB-7, 62 are designed to engage manpower and equipment of the enemy at ranges up to 600 meters They have certain advantages over regular system Kalashnikov AKM assault rifles and AK-74 by a mass-dimensional features, also due to the folding buttstock very successful design and the simplicity of the device. Their return gas tube mounted carry handle guns. The trigger mechanism allows two modes of fire: single and automatic. Safety lever is at once and switch type of fire. Disruptive effect of bullets and blank range when fired from AB-5, 45/7, 62 and AKM/AK-74 almost similar. At the same time, by firing from automatic AB-7, 62 rebound significantly less than even the AK-74 and the barrel when firing bursts does not take up. This allows for a much more precise continuous bursts of fire at great distances, than the AKM.

The complex automatic weapons Barishev

7.62-mm automatic rifle Barishev AVB

Automatic Rifle Barishev IRA established for clear shooting at distances up to 800 m in a remote small targets — men and equipment of the enemy, to show in the field of view of the arrow on the kutsee time. According to its mass-dimensional features of this rifle is close to the IRS. But as a whole only 0.4 kg heavier than the gun Dragunov, APS is the only system developed by a powerful rifle cartridge obr.1908 city, allowing for ranges of up to 200 m to conduct aimed fire bursts of unbalanced positions, including standing shoulder, and aimed fire — with the butt pressed to his side. As machine AB, rifle AVB has a handle for carrying, folding butt and can be staffed with both light bipod, replacing the forearm and forearm, made of impact-resistant plastic. The recoil when firing a rifle Barishev felt a little more than the firing of AKM. Therefore, after some training average shooter when shooting small bursts in series of 10 shots measured puts all the bullets in the chest standard target at a distance of 25 meters But even so successful rifle has its downsides. First — the small capacity of the 10-store charging standard of AGI. In particular, apparently this defect manifested by firing automatic fire. In addition, if the trunk is quite small due to the use of a rifle cartridges AVB massive mod. 1908 during the shooting is not entirely successful design muzzle device allows very sonorous sound of a gunshot and a large release of muzzle flash, which unmasks the hand, especially at night.

The complex automatic weapons Barishev

The 12.7-mm machine gun mnogokaliberny Barishev CPB with shop

Mnogokaliberny gun Barishev CPB is designed to defeat light armored vehicles or low-flying aircraft and helicopters at ranges up to 600 meters on weight and dimensions of the PBC benefits significantly in comparison with heavy machine guns mnogokalibernymi (DShKM, NSV), at the same time significantly, more than a factor of 2, yielding them in a practical rate of fire. CPB machine gun, as well as other standards Barishev gun has a folding buttstock and bipod, also set the bar for a variety of optical and night sights. Its brand new features include shoplifting power system 12.7 mm ammunition mnogokalibernymi B-32. Shop, established in the CPB machine gun on top of the receiver, filled out in advance equipped with ammunition clips, on this gun Barishev indicates good combat rate — up to 50 rounds / min. At the same time, the design of this instrument is much easier and more reliable to use than a tape mnogokalibernyh power in modern machine guns.

The complex automatic weapons Barishev

30-mm automatic grenade launcher Barishev ARGB

Automatic Hand grenade Barishev ARGB designed to defeat fragmentation grenades single and multiple enemy targets at ranges up to 1000 meters for conducting indirect fire grenade launcher to equip an optical sight with lateral level and protractor mechanism, detachable bipod and a folding butt-opener. In fact, all the advantages related to the CPB machine gun, one hundred percent, and embodied in a manual automatic grenade Baryshev. ARGB on mass-dimensional features is far ahead of all known system of automatic grenade launchers. Launcher also has stores supply system 30-mm grenade launcher shots VOG-17, which had a positive impact on a substantial improvement of its maneuverability. ARGB can be used as a very massive gun fire support for infantry units. A similar tool an indispensable for a specific fire infantry support, especially in offensive combat, fighting in the complicated criteria: in built-Fri, in the trenches, in the mountains. In the grenade fully opened pros Barishev blowback system, allowing the incumbent to lead a rather automatic fire a strong shot of unbalanced positions with running and standing with your feet at a distance of 400-500 meters when firing from ARGB recoil felt no more than when shooting from 40 — mm grenade launcher GP-25 installed on the machine. With the shooting of stable positions (lying down with a bipod) a significant part of the loss perfectly absorbs shock absorber integrated in the butt, thus increasing makarom close grouping.

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