The complex tactical Sagittarius for communications and intelligence management

It is not so long ago, in the fifth infantry brigade near Moscow began to explore the complex of "Sagittarius" for communications and intelligence management. Complex produced at the Russian enterprise "Radioavionika." Tasted personal complex — This is a typical type of mobile computer. It connects virtually any device. In the development of a network of personal data systems, the computer unit commander of the required information will be displayed on subordinates, also coming from them information about the enemy. Ordinary soldier it needs to press a couple of buttons, and the coordinates of its whereabouts or placing on the computer opponent will be the commander. Head of the unit will be able to cooperate without problems acquired data with an electrical map of the area, or with photos of the area acquired from the satellite. At first, these complexes will master the military and spies. As reported by the designers, the complex "Sagittarius" — it's actually a mobile individual CICS

The complex tactical "Sagittarius" for communications and intelligence management

The company "Radioavionika" once introduced CRUZ "Sagittarius" as a means of solving a wide range of tasks on information support. "Sagittarius" provides:
— command and control;
— recognition of found objects and calculating their coordinates;
— target designation;
— production data for the effective implementation of personal weapons and equipment for close combat;
The complex "Sagittarius" is paired with all Russian and Russian intelligence agents. Apart from this complex interaction leads to the Protractor, radars devices targeting, targeting and UAV.

The complex tactical "Sagittarius" for communications and intelligence management

The complex adopted in 2007, comes as standard. He goes first to the ground reconnaissance units. The first samples of the complex after the passage of various polygons and combat test come back for revision. Our scouts, having experience in operating zabugornyh analogues «FELIN», «IdZ-ES» and «Normans» asked the developers to make the best available standard set of "Sagittarius". First — the base of the first samples was carried out on the basis of parts of the 2000's. The designers with the knowledge reacted to the request of the military and modernized CRUZ "Sagittarius" comes to the tests. After the successful test, the complex became massively provided ground units. Already received by the armed forces of the Russian Federation for more than one thousand units of the complex "Sagittarius." General designer company "Radioavionika" A.Kaplin, talking about the complex "Sagittarius" and noted that the first standards CRUZ, were somewhat uncomfortable for a fighter — had enough solid weight to 5.4 pounds, soldier prevented the passage of assault course, covered access to the pouches and first aid kits. Now, after modernization complex began to weigh 2.4 kg, received the lowest overall properties, and large blocks are mounted in such a way so as not to interfere with doing other tasks. Now substantive comments on the use of complex "Sagittarius" from military ground units, which come in the main centers, no.

CRUZ "Archer" can have several levels of configuration. The most common configuration option is intended for the military branches, right up to the squad. Subsequent trim level is designed for platoon commander in the box comes a powerful computer system with remote control function type. Third, the most complete level of integration, goes to the unit commander — the battalion commander, brigade commander.

The complex tactical "Sagittarius" for communications and intelligence management

Range of complex interactions within the department — about one and a half miles, but at least some of the personal complexes "Sagittarius" works as a repeater, which greatly increases the range of actions and information control of the area. Apart from the voice messages can be transmitted by radio integrated standard commands, the recipient can listen or look after their receipt. This innovation was introduced specifically in order to scouts are not distracted from the job, do not lose visual control. CRUZ has in its composition autonomous navigation module, which is provided by the inertial system. It allows you to know exactly what their position soldier, even if he came from the area of satellite navigation acts. Switching between navigation systems occurs in a complex machine. Complex can be equipped with a helmet-mounted display subsystem for the production of fire out of the shelter. For example, with the help of a thermal "Shahin", information has come to light in the military, allowing the comfort of the shelter, keep a clear shot and fire. There is a complex subsystem and the identification of the "friend or foe". Range subsystem is dependent on the features of mating sighting devices. The subsystem sends a request to an unidentified object, and if the object is "his", then soldier hear in the earpiece sound notification. If the mailing, the query subsystem "silent", the object is determined by a complex "Sagittarius" as "foreign."

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