The complex Wasp included in the catalog of weapons of NATO

The complex "Wasp" included in the catalog of weapons of NATO

Tubeless gun "Wasp" and a further 20 samples of Russian weapons designed FNPC "Institute of Applied Chemistry", included in the corporation "Russian Technologies", included in the official catalog of non-lethal weapons act (UPM) NATO. The decision was accepted by the committee DAT-11, specially designed for this purpose in 2008. Best of selected samples will include in the purchase of the North Atlantic Alliance.

"States — members of the alliance can be put into service only the products included in this catalog, because for Russia it means entering a new market," — commented the head of the Foreign Economic Activity "Institute of Applied Chemistry" Artem Muranov.

During the time of the commission DAT-11, made in the technological programs from NATO, "Defence Against Terrorism", held demo shows UPM countries — participants of the group. Russian developments were the best in the 2-categories: non-lethal means to influence the accumulation of people and to neutralize the individuals or groups. Of particular interest aroused professionals complex "Wasp" with sound and light ammunition and traumatic act.

The complex non-lethal weapons "Wasp" contains quadruply or doubly tubeless gun and a wide range of special cartridges 18h45 with dural sleeve and electronic ignition. Complex characterized by the highest reliability, ease of use and efficiency, and is intended for use by law enforcement officials, and for self-defense and personal protection of people against attack, the security of air transport, signaling and lighting area and signaling flares.

Gun has four main versions — 4SP-PB, PB-4-2, PB-4-1ml and PB2. Its body is made of durable duralumin alloy. Guns of all modifications are equipped built-in laser pointer.

Electric trigger promotes gun safety — it is not reciprocated moving parts that can jam due to mud, faulty cartridges and so on. In the case of misfire gun gun shoot further serviceable cartridge, so Makarov, no need to recharge tool.

Experts note that the complex the world's first tool that uses really effective nonlethal munitions with the lowest risk of causing irreversible harm the attacker. Negotiations are underway to supply complex "Wasp" in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Ireland.

JSC "FNPC" Institute of Applied Chemistry "- a leading organization in Russia in the field of research, development, production and utilization of military and pyrotechnic civilian purpose. SRI works since 1945. Comes in holding developers and manufacturers of artillery ammunition and special chemicals concern "Manufacturing Engineering".

"Russian Technologies" — Russian company made in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of industrial products sverhtehnologichny civilian and military purpose. Its membership comes 663 organizations, of which the currently formed 12 holding companies in the military-industrial complex, a 5 — to civilian industry sectors. Organization "Russian Technologies" placed on the ground 60 subjects of the Russian Federation and deliver products to market more than 70 countries around the world. CEO — Sergey Chemezov. Untainted profit in 2011 amounted to 1.55 billion rubles, the tax payments to the budgets of all levels have gained 100 billion rubles.

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