The concept of the golden billion — the prerequisites and consequences

End of 2011 for the Russian Federation Federal State Statistics Service data culminated in the publication of the last census (2010). The results have caused quite a heated discussion in the media and online forums Web. Rosstat accused of all sins: from negligence in the conduct of the census to outright deception. In addition, when no estimate characteristics of birth and death rates for Russian by nationality, the situation turned out much worse: the number of Russian living in historic districts is continuing to decline due to extinction.

Whom to believe — Rosstat or independent professionals — a private matter. And the official numbers far from perfect: in spite of the contested growth characteristics of fertility and lower mortality true picture emerges of depopulation (aging population, growing imbalance in the ratio of men and women, increasing the number of widows and single mothers). Alarming and long Population Prospects: The polls showed reluctance of young people have families and babies (most of the plans of the 1st child, well, that puts his birth for an indefinite period of time).

Many experts defensively, nod to the West: such phenomena lowering birth rates and depopulation inherent to all advanced countries. Certainly, it's nice to get a list of advanced countries, at least on this even if not entirely favorable indices. But in the countries of the former Soviet demographic characteristics are essential feature, which received the tragic title "Russian (Slavic) cross": lowering the birth rate goes hand in hand with an increase in mortality, so that the curves are increasing mortality and declining birth rates in the graph form the shadowy figure of a cross.

This picture is reminiscent of half-forgotten concept of the "golden billion". Danae theory was a logical extension of the theory of Malthus, who predicted the death of the world's population as a result of overpopulation, lack of resources for survival. In the middle of the last century, the myth of overpopulation so very scared civilized West that the fight against overpopulation posed as a large company in the world famous "Club of Rome", and how this struggle does not fit in the same society proclaimed humanism and care of everything living on the planet. Antihuman essence of many made by the postulates gave rise to a theory of the "golden billion". In the "golden billion"Tipo population of developed countries will enter the EU, U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia, as the inheritance of the other — a raw materials appendage, a provider of natural resources and cheap labor. For the safety and comfort of the "golden billion" needs more formidable control of the rest, but not "developed" parts of the population of our planet — like bio (control and birth control), and sociocultural (all possible inhibition of the scientific, economic and spiritual development).

Theory "Golden billion" more than once been criticized, because it was quite diverse and housed unprovable elements (unconfirmed expression of Margaret Thatcher that the Soviet population must be reduced to 15 million, notes the former director of the CIA, and almost everything else).

But it should be remembered that theory The "golden billion", created on the basis of a particular interpretation of the expressions of the people taking over the puzzle to solve the global problem of the future of life on Earth. The problem is that the philosophical platform of the Club of Rome and his followers (Bioethics Potter and others) have different versions are popular in the West utilitarianism. This philosophical trend is less suitable for the creation of an important ethical theory, as it has, the very small, two huge flaws.

In 1-x, anthropological base philosophical concept is so weak that it is not able to find a more or less clear differences between man and animals. That is why theory Utilitarianism has been adopted by environmentalists of all stripes, the right to prove monotonous life for all living things. At the theoretical level, it sounded really great, but in practice has led many Western scholars to the sad conclusion: "The measure of biotsentrichnosti modern environmental movement is misanthropy."

In-2, the value of life is determined not by itself for itself as axiomatic value, and on the balance of pleasure and pain. Life, rich pleasures to be greater protection (this postulate, in fact was the basis for the concept of the "golden billion"). Life, which prevail in torment, deserves protection in general. Hence the paradoxical conclusion — in the West to protect the life of the nomadic animals, and the child's life in a coma remains unprotected (as apparent pleasure it, for obvious reasons, does not experience).

Very typical that the data generated by the theories of motion, get on our own, Slavic soil, particularly ugly kind. For example, the protection of nomadic animals. In any developed country of nomadic dogs are not allowed to be on the streets, while in the Russian Federation and Ukraine is working on catching programm, sterilization and "backward movement in habitats", in other words on the street. This know-how is complemented by a purely Slavic propensity of officials to steal and the ability to organize themselves trough of at least some undertakings (it is no secret that most of the funds allocated for the upgrading of the nomadic dogs just stolen), Slavic goodness to a fault (nomadic puppies nurtured through the efforts of grannies allocating their own poor pension fraction to "unfortunate dogs") and Slavic same ingenuity (pricked to feed the homeless and nomadic domesticate dogs, using them for their protection.) As a result of all the above pronounced in large cities of Russia and Ukraine inhabited by nomadic pack of dogs that pose a greater risk to the public in both epidemiological (rabies, helminths), and in purely physical terms (attacking, biting, often fatal finals). At times, the city government and desperate loner make the sample to reduce the dog population, which is accompanied by disturbed with loud clicks of the cultural elite — both your own and the west. Typically, the death of the dog bites people, even kids, press coverage, no response from the humanist does not.

Another example of the transfer of Western theories on our soil is not so long ago to show the movement of the so-called "free Child» (child free), the meaning of which is voluntary childlessness. Despite its artificiality, and antisocial, it find their own supporters and we have. And "our" his supporters advocate tougher voluntary childlessness, in every way discrediting motherhood and childhood. So Makar, topical protection becomes the norm of pathology. We agree with the director of the Institute of Demographic research Igor Beloborodova that students must first learn the rules of consumption is not contraception, as is done in the West, combined with exercises, family planning, and the art of creation and strengthening of this close-knit family, promote national traditions and human values.

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