The concept of the tank with a fighting robot inside

At the forum with reference to the internal discussions are the likely source of the Chinese concept of the tank last generation.

In the rear of the tank is self-propelled Battle Bot, kitted means of observation and missiles (possibly anti). To the honor of discussing, they recognize this concept of "too fabulous", but who knows …

The assembly of the tank with the placement of the engine compartment in the front of the chassis to accommodate the amount of rescues battle bot that can hit targets as being inside the "tank-cancer" and "creeping" of the media. In the latter case, boat, Among other tasks, can be used to conduct tactical intelligence on the battlefield, and for fighting in urban criteria. This system can significantly increase the effectiveness of the tank when it operates in the autonomous mode.

Later system "tank-robot "can have development, taking into account the revolutionary progress in the development of remotely managed systems, whether drones or self-propelled combat modules. Naturally, the success of such concepts directly linked to the development of technologies in various fields.

According to the

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