The contest for the post of general director of Izhmash postponed due to the need for additional inspections

Competition for the position of General Director of the NGO "Izhmash", which belongs to the corporation "Russian Technologies", is transferred to another date. The premise was the need for additional test data submitted by potential candidates for the post. "Izhmash" — defense enterprise, custodial facility where there are special security measures.

The extra time needed to verify whether all the candidates the necessary security clearance disk imaging. "Competition not abolished, as some media reported, the decision to transfer him to another date — said the first deputy general director of "Russian Technologies" A.V.Aleshin. — It can be carried out in late 2012 or 2013 first. All candidates have already submitted for the development of programs from the company. At the moment, we are checking their level of access to classified information. "

The intention to take part in the competition announced five candidates, including acting general director of "Izhmash" Alexander Kosov. Favorite on the results of the open voting will determine the specially made commission. Its composition is approved by order of "Russian Technologies" and is not disclosed to protect the members of the commission of the likely impact of the persons concerned. It includes employees of "Russian Technologies". In the case of the competition at sensitive facilities, such as the "Izhmash", the commission also introduced a representative of the MIC. Commission works constantly and holds competitions to fill leadership positions in all enterprises of "Russian Technologies".

Competition for the position of general director of "Izhmash" was initially scheduled for November 12, 2012. This post was released in June 2012, when he left the Maxim Kuzyuk, who took position CEO of the concern "Aviation" and included it in the Bank "anchor."

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