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Many people, according to psychics, the curse kind. Is the title of a certain power influence of supernatural forces on the human body.

This is the punishment for murder. Payback is not easy. Means the curse of death in this life, or accident, or from a terminal illness. But the worst thing is that the murderer inevitably doomed his race to degenerate. His descendants seriously ill, drink too much, go crazy, commit suicide.

Concurrence of circumstances or the fatal predestination?

Fully felt the curse of Count Fyodor Tolstoy. Earl was a consummate adventurer, a desperate gambler and duelist. Latest "hobby" and became fatal to his family.

Fedor Ivanovich had 12 children. 11 of them (as much as a man killed in duels count) died in childhood. And as the children died, he crossed out in his notebook the names of the people he killed.

Crossing out the last name, Earl said, "Well, thank God, though my curly gypsy boy is alive." It was his last child — a daughter Praskovya Fedorovna dozhivshaya to old age.

Contemporaries who knew the traditions of the Russian nobility, almost without surprise applies to high infant mortality rates in the family of Leo Tolstoy.

Once the son of Peter I, Prince Alexei, who was killed in a prison cell, cursed to death by the 25th tribe of all the descendants of Count Pyotr Tolstoy, who played a major role in his imprisonment. That is why, the researchers said, in every generation branched kind Tolstoy died and many babies along with famous people born mentally retarded and just enough crazy offspring.
Experts do not get tired of arguing about the mystery of the death of Vladimir Mayakovsky. What was that? Coincidence or fatal predestination?

In the family of his grandfather — a descendant of the Zaporozhye Cossacks Constantine Mayakovsky — had five children: two sons and three daughters.

Two sons — Michael and Vladimir, the poet's father — died in one year: the first from the disease, the second from blood poisoning caused by accidental finger prick. Michael did not leave offspring, and Vladimir, who had three sons, the first lost in infancy, the second at the age of three years, and the third, as we all know, died at age 37! And since Vladimir Mayakovsky was only natural daughter, who wore a different name, with the death of the poet disappeared and the possibility of further existence of the name Mayakovsky.

"More and more people do not believe in science, and try to explain to them piled misery supernatural causes — says Harvard theologian Dr. Sadbek. — This belief in the end leads to the fact that the curse come true.

If a man tells himself that he is terminally ill, really ill. Freud called this "neurosis of destiny" — when her unrelenting attacks are constantly repeated. "
With a respected theologian and Freud postulates can disagree, but you can argue …

Curse of the Romanovs

Romanov family bad luck began to pursue since the reign of the second of its representatives — Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The source of all misery, historians believe, served as the episode that took place at one of the popular uprisings.

During the suppression of rebellion tsar's archers buried wife of the rebel with a child up to his neck in the ground and left to die a painful death. The young wife was dying, cursed the hated Tsar Alexei and all its descendants.

Curse not long in coming: three sons — heir to the throne by his first wife Mary Alexis Miloslavskaya — two died almost immediately after pronouncing a curse, and the third — the king Bogomolov — was feeble-minded, painful, and childless. Fourth Miloslavsky, Ivan, Consort of Peter the Great, was the same idiot as his older brother, and he died at 30 years of age.

Misfortune, which celebrated the reign of Peter, it is well known, where four of his children from Evdokia Lopukhina and seven of eight Catherine died very young.

Emperor Peter II reigned for only three years, and died of smallpox 15-year-old boy on his wedding day.
Elizabeth's successor, Peter III reigned for only a year, was deposed by his wife, Catherine II, and strangled her loyal officers. His son, Paul P., was also killed in a palace coup, which was attended by his son and heir to the throne, Alexander. The latter, becoming the Emperor Alexander I, was also terribly punished by fate, spared neither his two legitimate children or illegitimate daughter of Mary Antonovna Naryshkina.

When the son of Nicholas I — the future Tsar Alexander II, his mother Empress Alexandra told to ask famous throughout Moscow Fyodor Fool: What is the baby?
"It is powerful, famous and powerful. Will be one of the greatest rulers of the world, and yet (here face contorted with terror fool) dies in red boots! "

Then all laugh at this strange expression "die in red boots." Nobody, of course, could not even imagine that in 1881, a terrorist bomb will break the lower part of the body of Alexander II and his half-isolated feet will be covered with blood …

Grandson of Alexander — the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II — lost his throne in a revolution in 1917 and a year later the whole family was killed by security officers in Ekaterinburg.


Historians believe, occultists, all the misfortunes that befell the royal house of Habsburg in the late XIX century, as the result of a heavy curse on the whole family. How many deaths at once — first the death of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, then — the madness of his wife Charlotte, the death of Crown Prince Rudolf, the assassination of Empress Elisabeth, obscure death of Archduke Johann Salvator and numerous attempts on the life of Emperor Franz Joseph, who in
last minute save only providence.

…Habsburgs got their name from the ancient feudal castle, built in the XI century in the Swiss district of Aargau and is then called Gabihteburg ie Falcons lock. One of its first owners, Count Werner von Habsburg, lured the girl from a nearby town, vowing that he would certainly marry her.
When the poor girl is the daughter of an ordinary artisan, became pregnant, and it became fraught with scandal, Earl, without thinking twice, ordered to deliver it, the former is about to give birth, in the dungeon, chained to the wall and starve.

After giving birth to a child and dying with him in the dungeon, she cursed her murderer and his family, wishing that people will always remember him as the cause of accidents. Curse soon come true. Participating with his young wife in wild boar hunting, Earl Werner was mortally wounded wild boar.

Force at the time of the curse, and subsided again manifested itself in the XIX century. One of the last of the Habsburgs — Archduke Maximilian, brother of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, arrived in 1864 in Mexico City as the founder of a new line of imperial Habsburg rule only three years, after which the Mexicans revolted. Maximilian was brought before a military tribunal and was shot.

Soon went to another world son of Franz Joseph, Crown Prince Rudolf, he committed suicide. Then, under mysterious circumstances, his wife was killed by the Emperor, whom he passionately loved.
Heir to the throne, Archduke Ferdinand, as we know from the history books, was shot dead along with his wife in 1914 in Sarajevo.

Well, the last time the curse gravitated over native Habsburg haunt 15 years after the events of Sarajevo. In April 1929, the Vienna police had to break open the door, out of which came the acrid smell of coal gas. In the room were found three bodies in which law enforcement officers identified the great-grandson of Emperor Franz Joseph and his mother Helen Resch and his grandmother. All three of them, as shown by investigation, committed suicide …

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