The end of Big Bertha. A special report A.Sladkova

Rzhevskaya battle. One of the most dramatic in the history of the second world war. Legends, legends, facts virtually unexplored. You can think of a grove in the form of a swastika, allegedly planted by the occupiers on the right bank of the Volga. Either the story about the journey of Hitler and Mussolini right in Rzhev. There is a story about mnogokalibernom German guns "Bertha"That is secretly preparing to attack Moscow.

Belgorod. We came to this town to look into disk imaging, which is relevant to Rzhevsk battle. A year earlier, the journalists of "World Belogoriya" met with veteran NKVD Nikolay Evdokimov, which said, as the security officers rescued from the destruction of Moscow, the German supergun winter of 1942.

"Well, to tell the fascinating fact. Exterminate gun rescued from the fire to Moscow. This fact is excellent for me as a journalist. I did not even care how many miles shoots much to Moscow. This is my gray hair excellent, was not a bad school. It God so, "- says Sergey Krasnopeev, director SEC" World Belogoriya. "

And here we are at a party at the very veteran NKVD. This is Nikolay Evdokimov. About his military past can write a book. Nicholas Afanasevich and told us the case when the counter-intelligence spotted in the rear of the Germans "Huge Bertha."

"I had scouts from Rzhev, two girls — Alex and Natasha. They have me doing three jobs. Very difficult. They told me, and I'll strip for their own leaders — the Germans brought the battery" Bert "for the bombardment of the Kremlin. I do not know our christened it as either general. But I remember that "Bertha"- Says Nikolay Evdokimov, Russian war veteran stateliness.

In the 40 second Rzhev was an important foothold fascists. They focused on it more than half of Army Group "Center". More than one year of Russian troops tried to kick the Germans out of Rzhev. In general, the Germans dug in on their own positions firmly and did not leave the thought of carrying out the assault Moscow. Including using a massive cannon.

Following statements by Nikolai Evdokimov in the web of the controversy flared. Photos were found dead spies Shura and Natasha. They told of the "Bertha." Immediately there came in two metropolitan journalist who dubbed the story of a veteran complete nonsense and fantasy.

"What's the, you know, his incriminating in what-a heresy, a deliberate falsehood. I think that there are no rights of journalists. They are also not looked at what "Bertha." Do not climb into the Web, which were guns at the time. If you dig, if you accuse a man, a veteran of the old one, so be kind dokovyryatsya to the truth, "- says Sergey Krasnopeev.

Discussion on the Belgorod television:

— "Slim, longish Bertha." Here it is. Here, "Shlanke Bertha" in German.

— "Big Bertha" is nowhere even mentioned in encyclopedias.

— They were not given the importance that they turned the tide of the war. Here they dragged her back, began shmalyat of it. They killed it and forgotten about it.

She is there a strategic military role was not played in all likelihood.

— There was still a fact of intimidation. Cannon worked on emotions. Psychological punch. Dragging cannon, and begin to put in the 150 km shmalyat.

Tver region. Two hundred and 20 km from Moscow. Rzhev. We are meeting with Oleg Kondratiev, one of the chief historians of the Battle of Rzhev. Interested "Bertha."

"For a mnogokalibernoe gun here, Rzhev was. This legend, tell them so. Since before the time, until the documents seriously talk about the actual events. These legends sprawl and time, and in the results, much more" — said the historian Oleg Kondratiev.

During the second world Germans used sverhpushku titled "Doorways". It was collected at the end 40 of the first year. Caliber — 813 mm. Barrel length — 32 meters. Range of actions — 40 km. Her projectiles penetrated the armor meter, or eight-meter concrete reinforcement. The Germans just used "doorway pages" of Sevastopol. She made 40 eight shots. Hit 5 times.

We have already come in Kursk. Peter Mikhin — veteran Scout, now a writer. Waged a war of Rzhev. Together with his friend, the late Edward Alymov now. So now, Alymov said then about any gun that beheld by the Nazis abandoned positions.

"It was the Germans in the First World War is a gun, a huge caliber, which was called" Bertha. "Because our soldiers when beheld when tears felt they realized that this is a very large caliber gun. By analogy with the weapon of World War II so they called her a household name, "- said Peter Mikhin, veteran Majestic Russian war.

And this is the results of our own investigation, This chronicle of the second world war. Cannon "Smooth Bert." Range of defeat — 100 km. Move them along the railway track. But the old German "piece of iron" that we are shooting at Rzhev. Maybe it was the position of "Bertha."

"And the Germans began to make a branch through the forest. And through it's own uncle, one of my spies, sent this note to me and reported. I realized that there was something like that. And heavy artillery regiment, commanded Zhigarev, paid for this battery fire artillery and aviation. And spread it in down and remains "- says Nikolay Evdokimov.

In the museum we show Rzhevsky brought with newspaper "The reddish star" 40 of the second year. There's a front-line Polyakov tells of the Battle of Moscow. Series of articles "Rzhev." One of them — "The End of Bertha." It's the same story we've heard in Belgorod from Nicholas Evdokimov.

"Sources confirm again the same memoirs of veterans. For all that, it is possible to argue about the time, the place and so on," — says Oleg Kondratiev.

Suddenly, the story of the "Bertha" takes us to a different turn. Statistics and facts … but affects the tone with which some are trying to criticize veterans. Those who once defended us.

"Was there some kind of gun or not. Even if there was some kind of long-range gun, even if not "Slim Bertha", it is still intelligence, it is still Nicholas Afanasevich fulfilled its own duty to the end, "- emphasizes Sergei Krasnopeev, director SEC" World Belogoriya. "

Now scientists, experts at the East and the West are trying to write a general history of the second world war. But for them and for us are more important memoirs of veterans.

"The theme of the battle Rzhevsk actually not investigated. Now we have only the upper layers, to put archaeological language, opened, and the work is not just huge for years and for many decades to be to find out the truth about what happened here," — notes Oleg Kondratiev.

Now the veterans in our old age. They barely put on their jacket with medals. They say quiet, tired voice … Maybe from this, we sometimes can not believe that they were in the years of war, the brave pilots, daring spies, dashing gunners. It was their time. They helped Moscow, they bailed out the world.

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