The end of the Harrier and F-35B

The command of the Corps sea U.S. Marine rethinking their need for aircraft vertical takeoff and landing Harrier jets and F-35B. There are several circumstances. In 1-x, their price. Substitution Harrier and the F-35B will cost more than 100 million dollars for each. Moreover, the VTOL aircraft typically have a highest level accident rate than ordinary planes that increasing the price of their content. These aircraft are no longer used with the advanced airfields, as the supply of fuel and other materials here is even more difficult and more expensive, and the presence of "smart" bombs eliminates the need to have the fighter-bombers so close to the band edge. In fact, "smart" bombs, especially induced by GPS, leveled a large part of the benefits of vertical take-off aircraft. Modern combat aircraft are required to have at the moment a huge duration of the flight (which aircraft with vertical take-off is not enough), so stay as longer over the battlefield until there need "smart" bombs. More than a cheap aircraft such as the F-18E can carry out these tasks is cheaper and more efficient.

The main discrepancies are the costs and the announcement of the significant reduction in the U.S. defense budget. In the end, what the Marines can not allow myself to buy new aircraft F-35B, also upgrade its own aging helicopter fleet. In addition, the delivery of F-35B was delayed a couple of times, and the Marines had to make the final steps to maintain combat readiness of the fleet of their own Harrier. For example, three months back the Marines bought all British fighters Harrier, spare parts and accessories. South American Marines at the present time are naikrupneyshim aircraft operator Harrier, are in operation 140 AV-8B and already there have been discussions about their short write-off.

Harrier jets have the highest accident rate in the middle of today's fighters. This is to a large extent because of its ability to take off vertically, bringing its level to the helicopter crash. As a result of accidents in 32 years of operation of the U.S. Marine Corps has lost a third of its own 397 Harriers. This is approximately three times larger than F-18C. More of combat aircraft accident rate decreased in the last century. Today's accident rate Harrier is similar to the one of many aircraft in the 1970s. Harrier pilots simply accepted the fact that since plane can fly in a helicopter, then the level of non-combat losses, respectively.

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