The end of the hyper?

South American hypersonic apparatus "Falcon" crashed about 35 minutes after the start was made. The discovery that operate aircraft on a hypersonic speed is unreal, crashed into the remains of the long-standing development of the U.S. military and scientists. The fact is that at such a high speed that is 20 times supersonic around the aircraft appears plasma cluster that does not pass any radio waves. The first step of the test — withdrawal of the aircraft on the top of the atmosphere and outer space using decommissioned rocket — was successful. A second step was unsuccessful, 9 minutes after separating from the rocket touch with hypersonic aircraft was lost.

The premise, as stated earlier, was a cluster of cool plasma, which does not transmit radio waves. After communication with the device is lost, the computer sent the plane into the sea. According to engineers, the loss occurred due to the step when the plane was due to drop in planning mode, but due to a fault on the base he flew. After another failure of the project decided not to freeze, work on the development of the aircraft last.

Hypersonic aircraft body made of particularly strong composite material that can withstand the temperature that is above the melting point of steel. The shape of the plane like a spear, and with a length of only three and a half meters. At work on the project has been spent already 308 million, with all this both test aircraft fell into the sea after them were lost.

First model X-43A was capable of flying at a speed of 11,230 kilometers per hour, plane layout was "Falcon", and specifically with him began the pursuit of hypersonic speed. It set a new, experimental engine, completely lacking in any rubbing against each other's parts. Jet fuel is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen in the reaction instead of the ordinary exhaust steam exits.

DARPA technology department before the actual flight conducted a series of complex tests with loads similar to a flight to hypersonic speeds, but these proved insufficient, and the plane fell into the sea. The flight was monitored by more than 20 sensors with land, space, sea and air. Based on the data acquired by them, workers DARPA plans to remove the problem of the formation of cool plasma cloud or find a way to transmit radio waves through it.

Americans led the development of "Falcon", with the goal to make flying apparatus, which will be able to deliver ammunition, including a nuclear bomb, in every corner of the world within an hour. Complete all the tests and they release a final version of the plan in 2026. DARPA engineers say they do not regret the loss of another 1st layout, because with its help was received unlimited amount of data to assist solve the problem, also set the best design of a hypersonic aircraft to fly at such high speeds (about 20 thousand kilometers in one hour).

After fall "Falcon" was assembled a special committee of scientists who will have to analyze all the data acquired during the test, and present a detailed report of the commission of engineers who already decide in which direction to lead the development, to achieve complete control and communications support at all stages of flight . Russian scientists have now confident that solve the problem of unrealistic, because not yet sufficiently investigated this phenomenon under the title of a cool plasma accumulation and search method of transmitting signals across the plasma congestion will take about 19-25 years. As a consequence, for the project will come in handy even very many millions of U.S. dollars. Although it is a military development, made in the framework of programs from "instant global hit," maybe in the future such aircraft will be used in a peaceful and aviation, to overcome tremendous distances for kutsee time.

Also, such developments are under way in Russia, but our aircraft such final event in no danger, because they are absolutely standalone and does not need to be managed from the ground. Russian designers initially built independently controlled plane, and remake it under manual control no one is going, because the goal of our hypersonic vehicles is quite different, if in the U.S.. It consists in the development of super-maneuverable hypersonic blocks for the transport of ballistic missiles, their first laid the purpose of the flight, and controls without them is not required. The advantage over ordinary hypersonic blocks that ordinary units cease to be agile by logging on to the edge of space and atmosphere and are very vulnerable to missile defense systems, and hypersonic flight units can continue logging in the border and keep the old maneuverability.

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