The end of the petrodollar hegemony of the worlds media chose not to report

Lindsey Williams: The most important day in the history of the South American dollar, since its creation, occurred on Thursday, September 6. What came out in the present day, will have an impact on your life, your family, your dining table is more than you can imagine for yourself.

At Thursday, September 6, China made an official statement that the banking system of China is ready, all communications and translations of the PRC ready. From now on, no matter what kind of civilization in the world that wish to, can take, sell or trade often crude oil with the Chinese currency, not the South American dollar!

This statement of China is one of the most significant changes in the world economic and monetary system, but little mention of it on the radio last week. The consequences of this new act are enormous, and can be completely by the catalyst, which bring down Bucks as the world's reserve currency, and change the entire landscape of energy trading and the world order.

Already on September 7 between China and Russia signed an agreement in which Our homeland is practically agreed to sell oil China in all quantities for yuan.

Lindsey Williams: "This has never happened in the history of crude Oil, which has become the driving force behind all of our (U.S.) economy. All that is in our life revolves around crude oil. Bundle of dollar-Oil is a motivating factor for our economy. Never, never, that crude oil is sold, bought or traded in any country of the world, without the use of a South American dollar. "

Not the yen, the pound and not Bucks itself for itself, and specifically crude oil, is the standard currency of the world. The largest amount of funds transferred around the world in the form of payments for crude oil, and it is more costly than in the calculations for at least some other product of world trade. "

This duo 2-most massive enemies of the U.S. economy and the U.S. empire, now operating in concert. Our homeland China and make a move to strike on the basics of U.S. economic strength, which is based on America's position as the strongest economic superpower. After that, most of the nations of the world will begin to move away from the U.S. dollar by buying oil in other currencies.

Now the full weight of our debt reduction and the structure of production in the United States have fallen by south american people.

This new agreement between Russia and China also has severe implications for Iran and the rest of the Near East. U.S. sanctions against Iran will not have a more perceptible impact, because a rogue nation can now simply choose a buyer and sell its oil to China, to receive in exchange for their oil and Chinese yuan then use this currency to be exchanged for any other resources needed to maintain its own economy and nuclear programs.

World has changed dramatically in the last week, but was not uttered a single word, the financiers of Wall Street or the politicians who reveled in its splendor during the party congresses.

The main attack on the American Empire and the government of South American dollar as a reserve currency in the world, was made on September 6 with China and Russia. Now these countries are seeking to become controllers of energy in the world market, and thus Makar, controllers newest oil currency — the yuan.

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