The epidemic in the Sea of Azov Mariupole.Holeru looking at night.

The third day of Mariupol in quarantine. As reported yesterday, "The newspaper in Kiev", at the outbreak of cholera in the city is forbidden to swim, fish and sell it in the markets. Infectious disease but not scared holidaymakers on the coast of the Azov Sea.

Check the water and steers

Alexander Anishchenko, Minister of Health, visited the sick person the day before Mariupol and told them that the situation is under control.

90-year-old Alexander Bashkitsina contracted cholera after cooked for myself ear of steers from the Sea of Azov

— In order to prevent new cases conducted perehlorirovanie water supply network. It is also forbidden to bathe in all the beaches of the city, amateur fishing is prohibited, not allowed in the local food fish catches, the same prohibition applies to all restaurants and cafes — listed minister.

Minister Alexander Anishchenko personally visited
Hospital four Mariupol

Sansluzhby seized about 30 samples of drinking water, river water and sea water to identify the source of infection. They even tested bulls — they seized from local fishermen.

— Results of analyzes of the laboratory, we have not yet received. But they can come at any time, even at night — we are working around the clock, — assured "newspaper …" in the department of dangerous infections of the local SES.

Meanwhile, on Monday evening, the hospital received a fourth man with suspected cholera. He, like other sick, had to deal with the bull — "delicacy" of men treated fishermen. Steers man did not eat — just cleaned fish for your cat. Doctors suggest that the infection he contracted because of poorly washed hands.

— In the hospital one of the relatives are not allowed — told us Irina Sukhova, daughter of one of the patients. — By phone doctors soothe. It is said that taking care of all very nice and my dad is on the mend. True, the discharge home still early. Need at least 10 days.

The authorities, in turn, promise to remove in quarantine, will recover only when the latter fell ill.

And in spas called 'swim to health "

Meanwhile, the townspeople and tourists violate security measures, not even hiding it. So, in Mariupol sanatorium "The Seagull" with no problems checking in to the numbers of all applicants. At this time more than 100 people.

— Cholera itself in the city. Detected only isolated cases. Therefore safe to come to us and a good rest — said "Newspaper …" doctor of the sanatorium Lyumila Zabelin. — We are currently resting quietly swimming. Ban to go into the sea only when SES finds there the infection.

Still strong demand is seen among those who book tickets. Moreover, when we called the Crimean tourist agency "Kandahar", there is an outbreak of cholera in Mariupol even heard of.

— We sell tickets to the nearby town of Berdyansk, as before. In the best motels and hotels all sold out until July — said one of the employees of travel agencies.

By the way, sanepidemiologi Crimea also attended cholera. But assured that the peninsula favorable epidemiological situation and all of them until well.

Valentine MUDRYK, photo Nicholas RYABCHENKO

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