The gate to the parallel world

The ancient temple of the god-monkey hidden under the ground near the Siberian village Okunevo — the known prophet in India Sai Baba.

Russian researchers of anomalous phenomena are also sure that there are located "sacred place" — the secret gateway to parallel worlds. However, scientists from the official science, in response to such claims ironic shrug. Who is right?

Those who come here with the desire to see a miracle, often disappointed. Perch seemingly ordinary village. Is true, it is in a beautiful location — on the steep bank of a small river Tara. From neighboring villages it is different in that many years, archaeologists are Omsk excavations here reveal ancient tombs in search of all sorts of items of age-old ages.

Okunevtsy with recent unusual events here. This mysterious glow, colorful rays leaving in the night sky, and frequent overflights of UFOs, and the mysterious origin of the pit-mine near the village of Riverlands, to which, as the researchers believe, anomalschiki in giving aliens.

I talked with people who I know for decades. For example, with Ludmila Pastushenko we lived in the neighborhood, went to school together, but to reveal the secret of his vision, she decided just last summer. Here is her story:

— I played with her younger sister, Nina outside the village. I was eight, and his sister four years. Sudden I saw on the bank of Tara appeared from nowhere who undertook dance girls in bright sundresses. I looked at Nina:

"You see?" She nodded, "Yes." We did not have time to recover, as became apparent over the dance of three huge translucent shapes of women in mourning poses. And while all this was happening during the day, I was scared, and I ran with all his house. But my mother came with us on the beach, saw nothing, although dance and three multimeter figures remained in the same place.

Similar vision in the years observed by other Okunev children. Say, one boy saw in the air a live rider. Absolutely real, dressed as a commissioner of the Civil War. In late November, ninety-four I came to Okunevo again.

By this time on the high left bank of Tara, two kilometers west of the village built a chapel, and Bishop Theodosius of Omsk diocese ordered set beside her six-foot cross. My companion Z. Vlasenko went to the cross and stood opposite. I am taking advantage of the setting sun was between the cross and

Zoya Ivanovna, captured the moment on film. When a few months had brought from Moscow ready photos, I heard a story from Vlasenko.

At the time when she stood before the cross, died in hospital of her granddaughter. And still young grandmother decided to turn to God in prayer for help. A miracle happened! Granddaughter suddenly doctors quickly went on the amendment.

Naturally, the question arises: What does all this be explained? I have almost no doubt that near Okuneva (two hundred and fifty miles north of Omsk) is a powerful energy center (EC). In Russia I know of only two of these energy centers. One I've already mentioned, the second — in Arkaim, in the south of the Urals. EC found in other countries. One of them is in the U.S., Arizona — between the city of Phoenix and a huge crack of the Grand Canyon. Hopi Indians consider this place for a long time, lost in the desert cliffs, the point of magical power. In our time there to build a flourishing town of Sedona, where live followers of religious-mystical movement "new era."

Local residents believe that the right of Sedona in a thin (astral) world is the invisible city of spirits, which emits its energy to the ground. They live in the expectation of a significant and irreversible changes. These changes, as assured Aborigines would be catastrophic: the earthquake and tsunami destroyed and entire regions of the country — California, most of England, all of Holland, Japan and almost all of the Hawaiian Islands. Only the inhabitants of the "sacred places", leading a righteous life, will be saved …

I want to note one thing: in Arizona is a giant crater, created millions of years ago from a fall to Earth in size huge meteorite. All the same, as near Okunev. What is this? Another horror story about the end of the world? Or, it should be taken seriously? In other words, let the probability of disaster. Leave the question open end of the world, it has so often predicted that not sochtesh. But here's what's interesting: the famous West American Prophet Edgar Cayce pointed out — Natural disasters are least affected by Russia and western Siberia is even less! He further said that the revival of civilization begins precisely with our country.

Try to understand: how can all that happen? Today is clearly worrying that earthquakes, floods and hurricanes strike us more often and with increasing destructive power. What is the explanation? It is believed that the root cause of this is we, the people. Aggressiveness in our actions and most importantly — in the mind "annoying" Earth. And when somewhere thoroughly shakes or drowning — is its response to stimulation. And scientists now recognize that our planet — a living sentient being. I say, "and scientists", as thousands of years ago, told the world about this occult and mysticism. How about the fact that our thoughts are material, all pronikayuschi that they contain a tremendous force that can and create, and destroy. Unfortunately, we got more in the latter.

So, maybe it really is thank God that is in the earth are spiritual salvation islands, like Arch, Sedona, perch — energy centers, which, according to the esoteric doctrine, is not nothing but a gateway to other worlds, both higher and lower.

The area is located Okuneva, apparently, the exit area of positive energy in many ways a beneficial effect on people. Interestingly, the name of the river Tara, situated on the bank of Okunevskaya zone has only translated from Sanskrit — "savior"! This is another hint to the fact that 6000 years ago, there could well be a temple of great Indian healer Hanuman. True, Tara was as affluent as the sacred Ganges … Pristine beaches of the river remained, here they are called spurs.

It may, indeed someday become a village Okunevo saving ark?


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