The Great Barrier Reef watch online

The Great Barrier Reef watch online
The Great Barrier Reef stretches along Australia's east coast more than 2000 km. — From the standpoint of sciences such as biology, geology, this is one of the greatest wonders of nature. To him alone rightly attached great extent, the recognition of its natural heritage and biosphere reserve and marine park reflects its global significance.
Large Barrier Reef contains about 2,900 reefs, whose size varies in the range of 0.01 square kilometers up to 100 square kilometers, and more than 300 islands, or shoals of fragments of coral, of which about 100 constantly covered with vegetation, and another 600 small islands, many of which are surrounded by their reefs. Its total area — 348,698 square kilometers, an area larger than England.
Reef, which itself to itself is one of the largest geological formations, in fact, composed of living creatures or coral polyps from the outside similar to sea anemones, occurring near the shore. These tiny primitive organisms live in large colonies, each of which has evolved from personal polyp has undergone countless divisions. Coral consists of Myagenko body encased in limestone exterior skeleton which and forms the reef. Live reef — a product of the millennial cycle of life and death: the majority of coral reef consists of the mass of empty skeletons of past generations of polyps covered with a thin layer of living organisms.

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