The hole where the devil lives


Hole called the devil locals unique education that is in a remote location of Nevada. After a dip in the ground, as the legends say, we were in an underground world is the spirit that gets up to evil magic.


At the surface dimensions of the hole is not big, about 9×12 meters. At the bottom of the "Devil's Hole" is a lake that is populated with rare species of fish. The distance from the surface to the water table reaches 120 meters. What is the real depth of the holes, no one knows. Maybe she goes to the depths of our planet to a depth exceeding the famous Kola super-deep borehole. Scientists claim that this failure is not nothing but a crack between two tectonic plates that are slightly moved away from each other in this place. He lives in this hole the devil or not, scientists do not care, in their view, this issue is outside the scope of interest of science. They are more interested anomalous content of heavy hydrogen, which is recorded in calcite deposits on the walls of the hole.

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