The illusion of the Universe

World — what we think of it. Outside the window, the rain? Just have a bad, "rainy" mood. Smile — and look out from behind the clouds the sun! Absolutely! We need only a very, very willing and change the course of his thoughts, then everything will change. Universe because all is far less real than is commonly believed. It is — an illusion. And it should not portray as a certain objectively given us a mechanism, in the form of ephemeral image hologram. Time — now. Two — disappeared. Quietly and quickly, the speed of light. Rather, the speed of our thought.

The child of a parallel world.

Throughout his life, Michael Talbot learned the nature of reality. Perhaps there was such a strange fascination with him because he was a child he lived as if in a different dimension, the world around him was very different from the reality in which other people live, as discussed in class at school.
Already in three years, Michael surprised many of their parents. Barely learned to talk, he began to talk in detail about their past lives, and flatly refused to call Mr. and Mrs. Talbot's father and mother, because they do not consider them real parents — these supposedly remained in his former existence. And this strange baby adored not there any juice, soda or milk shakes, and … strong black tea. He sat on the floor in the lotus position and slowly sipped tea bowls, like an ancient Eastern sage. Michael dabbled in clairvoyance, traveling out of the body and to communicate with aliens.

And all of these children have survived eccentricities Talbot and when he entered the age of reason. Michael later recalled: "While in college, I once was driving and saw a flying saucer. I stopped, went out on the road and five minutes staring at the alien ship. Then sat down and drove on. Usually the road from the place where I saw UFOs to the house takes half an hour. I thought that this time I did not stay.

Imagine, I was surprised when on arrival my family jumped on me, "Where have you gone?" It turned out, it took almost a whole day! "
Today any ufologist say what happened to Michael Talbot — usually a case of "kidnapping." But in the mid-70s, when, in fact, these events occurred, UFOlogy was not so common, and no one could explain the strange phenomenon Michael "lost time," a witness, or rather, to which he has become. Talbott had to deal himself. Hoping to find a rational explanation of paranormal phenomena, which are literally haunted him throughout his life, he turned to science.

True, the answers to the questions plaguing him Michael was looking very unusual way. Later, he wrote about it: "Instead of common sense, I used a deep intuitive abilities. I seemingly aimless wandering past the library shelves with books and not even looked at the roots of the names. I was waiting for the correct book" will call "me. Indeed suddenly felt a strong desire to stop. My arm itself rose, took a book from the shelf and opened it somewhere in the middle. Only then I looked at the name — it was filing magazine Physics Today ("Physics Today"), for the September 1970 issue year, and to become a physicist Bruce DeWitt "Quantum Mechanics and Reality."

The article was proved by science known thesis idealist philosophers: the world around us — our thoughts materialized, in other words, we see only what we think we want to see. DeWitt said that quantum physics has found the reality of the relationship of the human mind. Publication so struck by the young Talbot and was so close to his own conjectures about the nature of the world, that from that day until his death (he died of leukemia in 1992), Michael would not hear of anything, except quantum physics. He was a real fanatic of science.

In one moment — to see eternity.

Quantum physics — the science that studies subatomic particles photons. Those same rays striking way communicate with each other, like twins on a huge range of feelings for each other, the information from the quantum to the quantum is transmitted instantaneously. (!) When this phenomenon was confirmed physics nearly toppled from the pedestal of his idol — Albert Einstein. The fact that the theory of relativity, there is nothing that could go faster than the speed of light, but the "moment" — this is just for poets metaphor for physicists it just means "faster than the speed of light!"
The contradiction between Einstein's theory and the discoveries of quantum physics, which has proven that subatomic particles interact faster the speed of light, allowed the physicist David Bohm. He put forward the principle of non-locality, which refers to this: photons do not transmit information across time and space, they just live in a dimension where information exists everywhere and at the same time, that is, the information is not local, but rather, total, all-encompassing.

More — more. Bohm suggested sensational assumption that the behavior of some mysterious rays linked to … thinking scientists are watching them. How else to explain the fact that the photons behave in a more or less orderly fashion, "decent" at a time when they are being observed, and the researcher is distracted for a moment, as the world of subatomic particles back abyss? See real quanta, according to David Bohm, as impossible as seen in the mirror of the real itself. After all, going to the mirror, subconsciously preparing for a meeting with his reflection: stomach tightens, straightens his shoulders, smoothes wrinkles on the forehead — the result in the mirror we reflect such with what we want to see yourself (a little better than it actually is.) And quanta presented itself such with what they want to see them. But how do they manage to predict the experimenter wishes?

To this Bom says, brain scientists — as well as the brains of other people, and everything in the universe — also made up of subatomic particles. Quanta, as already mentioned, live in a world of total information, so the photon, which is being watched, nothing worth knowing what they want from them rays constituting the brain of the listener. The cornerstone of modern science — the belief in the objectivity and materiality of the world — burst like a soap bubble! The world is subjective, it is not even what people think of him, and what they think the quanta!

Subatomic particles presented spacey from his discoveries physicists another surprise. It was found that grouped together in large quantities, they cease to behave as individuals and show the most current collective consciousness. Discouraged physics even stopped futile attempts to distinguish one from another quantum — well, impossible to distinguish the twins! Moreover, talking about subatomic particles as some separate entity is meaningless — they are identical.

David Bohm, marveled marveled such absolute similarity and concluded that in every slot is encoded the same information, and enough to play the entire universe. In other words, the universe as a whole is contained in some twisted form in each of their microscopically small parts. (Incidentally, a similar, albeit in a more lyrical form voiced English romantic poet of the 18th century William Blake: "In one moment — to see eternity, / The whole world — in a grain of sand, / In a single handful — infinity / And the sky — in the cup flower. ") So the idea of the universe-the hologram.

Mind beyond the body.

Everyone saw the three-dimensional laser hologram image mysteriously appeared and disappeared in the darkness. But few know what the key to the secrets of how they are created. At the heart of the hologram — photography. But to create a holographic photo, not click the "soap box." The image is created by a laser beam is split into two streams. One through the diverging lens toward the subject photographed. The other through the mirror and one lens — on film. It's funny that leaves an imprint on the film is completely different to what was photographed, — instead of a particular object are only produced overlapping circles, like the water from the rain. Still, the object depicted, and there is a way to see it — you need to send a print of the film with a laser beam of the same frequency, which was carried out shooting, and then the back of the film occurs in the air-D image.

But the most incredible thing in holography more. If you take the scissors and cut the film to as many parts of arbitrary size and shape, and then substitute any of the scraps under the laser beam, it is still, even in print at the insignificant scrap of film get the whole (!) Image of the object. That is, the image is stored not on a particular part of the film, but, on the contrary, everywhere! It is subject to all the same principle of non-locality, as quanta. And just as in quanta, in every part of the holographic film contains the same information required to recreate the whole. The similarity between the hologram and our universe is obvious!

And right would only holographic universe was. Appears, and the human brain — nothing like a hologram. Stanford University neuroscientist Karl Pribram challenged the generally accepted view of the brain as a filing cabinet, each of which stores any recollection. Pribram proved that our memory is not as streamlined. He had the experience — let the maze of rats, waiting, when they learn to find a way out, and then removed the animals of different parts of the brain. It was found that, no matter what part of the brain or amputated scientist, rats still remember the correct way out of the maze. Neurophysiologist concluded: memory is not located in a specific area of the brain, but everywhere. In the brain, there is no separate cells, which "remembers" a high-school algebra or first love. The information contained within our skull, total — so if we remember something, you remember it throughout the brain, not a separate gyrus! All the same, the holographic principle of non-locality?

But this is something that concerns the memory. And what about the human mind? Whether it is in a certain area of the brain (traditional science puts the mind in the frontal lobe of the brain), or also non-local, that is, is a hologram? Our old friend Michael Talbot, the same as a child blowing a strong tea, and then kidnapped by a UFO was leaning to the second point of view. He writes: "As a child I traveled outside of the body. And I am quite sure that even when I stayed outside, I thought. (!) But it was my brain in the body, and the body is lying down on the bed, this is a not a dream. I flew out of the house and noticed a book lying on the ground of the writer Guillermo Passona, and the next day my neighbor asked me, "Michael, I lost a library book Passona, are not you see her?" That's when I first questioned traditional view that the brain responsible for thought processes. "

Talbot believes that the brain does not think, as a kind of omnipresent energy that science can not capture and measure. He presents a very striking example of the existence of such power — African termite nests. Even being separated by steel sheet, congenitally blind termites build his house so that his two halves mirror each other. Of course, the creators of the ant does not end in the architectural, engineering and construction of institutions, but nevertheless all the operations are conducted in strict accordance with a "development plan", which, according to Talbot, there is somewhere a little termitskoy head. According to Michael, "them (termites), the mind is outside of their bodies."

Wormholes — God's way?

One hundred percent with the idea of the mind is the body agrees biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who put forward in the 80 years the theory of energy morphogenic fields, through which the mind works. Sheldrake believes that morphogenic fields exist in a dimension that is not limited by time and space, and therefore, the mind (or minds) from other worlds could easily penetrate into the world.

However, he did not discover America. Even Einstein spoke about the relativity of space and time and talked about the possibility of the existence of the universe timeless tunnels to break the reality as we know it and create a passage into other dimensions, in parallel worlds.

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