The Korean Peninsula again rocking

The Korean Peninsula again "shake" — 10 August North Korea and South Korea held a series of gun shots in the area already known Yeonpyeong yellowish sea. Although the victims and the victims are not in the middle of a civilian population and the military, but this event again sparked panic in the middle of the local population. In addition, South Korea began regular joint military exercises with the United States "Defender of Freedom". On them in the midst of other tasks will be worked out operation to destroy the North Korean nuclear weapons. Pyongyang has reacted with the appropriate response to it — saying that the Korean peninsula after 1953 have never been so close to the modern war, as in the current time.

Military exercises in South Korea and the United States will last until August 26 and feature scale: participates in their 56 thousand 30 thousand South Korean and U.S. military. South American forces already in South Korea will be strengthened in parts of the U.S. and garrisons in the Asia-Pacific region, in addition will be observers from seven states.

According to the views of Washington and Seoul exercises are purely defensive in nature: "The maneuvers are defensive in nature and are designed to increase the combat readiness of the army and strengthening cooperation in South Korea and the United States, "reports the South American side. A South Korean military added that such exercises posodeystvuyut them to better prepare for the planned transfer of the 2015 Yankees of the South Koreans rights Operations Command your troops in wartime. Pyongyang on like scholars had informed.

But the North Korean authorities do not trust these statements, because the main newspaper DPRK "Rodong Sinmun" said: "The joint military exercises against the DPRK further worsen the already tense situation on the peninsula." In principle, it is difficult not to agree, develops a feeling that North Korea provoke new shares. The North Korean news agency KCNA said: "Korean peninsula is facing the worst crisis in its history. Complete war could break out on the most miserable about. " And it is against the background of the fact that before these exercises Pyongyang representatives discussed with the American delegation to resume talks on the fate of the nuclear programs from North Korea. At the same time called on Pyongyang to cancel today's military doctrine "to demonstrate the intention to achieve the denuclearization of (ie the creation of a nuclear-free zone) of the Korean Peninsula." Judging by the start of the military exercises, the U.S. and South Korea this "signal" was ignored.

Floating dock with gunboats on the output of the Bay Islands Teenphendo. The four boats are the reserve, which, if necessary, should support at military ship ships.

The incident on August 10

The incident occurred at about 1:00 local time, day or. According to the South Korean representative of the General Staff, the first sounds of artillery shells from North Korea heard the crews of military high-speed boats, they patrol the area of so-called. North of the median (STG). This dividing line is the boundary between the almost South and North Korea to the sea.

According to the South Korean military disk imaging, military North Korea produced a total difficulty of three artillery shots, and one of the shells fell in the North of the median. Apparently, the fire led from the coastal guns, their positions are posted on the North Korean peninsula Enmedo, and this peninsula in turn, is 11 km from the SLL. Taking into account the fact that the fire of the North Korean side did not cause harm to South Korea, and none of the fallen projectiles did not burst near the South Korean warship, the South Korean military decided to apply the same artillery blow that would not cause harm to the North Koreans. Because at about 2:00 of the day or the South Korean military stationed on the peninsula of Yeonpyeong self-propelled artillery K-9 made three shots in the direction of the dividing strip.

Though then no sequel was, according to South Korean media reports, in the midst of the local population has started a real panic. This event reminded them nedavneshnie comparable to similar actions, but more ambitious — in November 2010 as the skeleton of the North Korean artillery was fired, eventually killing or injuring about 20 people. People heard gunshots on reflection, that North Korea shelled again peninsula, several hundred residents were hiding in a specially-built bomb shelters and remained there for a long time. On another peninsula — Baengnyeong, which is also located next to North Korea, the troops were put on full alert.

Representatives of the South Korean Joint Staff before the incident sounded two possible versions of this action: either the teachings of the North Korean forces, or "error".

August 11, North Korean authorities have denied reports of shelling in the area of the SLL and referred to the demolition work in order to. According to representatives of Pyongyang, South Korean military responded with artillery fire in vain to "normal blasting" that the North Koreans were operational purposes. In Seoul, found these words lie. In principle, this shooting would not have great significance. If not for two big conflict last year: fire in November 2010, and the mysterious death in March 2010, the South Korean corvette "Cheonan", they sharply aggravated the situation on the peninsula. According to the views of a number of professionals who have been close to the country's large-scale conflict.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the Korean peninsula — It sverhmilitarizovanny region of the planet. After the events of last year officers 'on the ground' have additional features, so it is possible that the conflict can occur without an order from Seoul or Pyongyang.

In addition, in Pyongyang, behold the great is happening in Libya and Syria. But at the time she refused to Libya's nuclear applets. Because Pyongyang has received further confirmation that he was chosen the right course — the creation of security guarantees by nuclear weapons. But do not think at that Pyongyang want war, it will lead to disaster, the inevitable political crisis, a probable change of the elite, it is not necessary to today's management. Because North Korea wants to develop the case not only with China or Iran, and they need contacts with other countries. To get the additional capacity for economic development, access to new resources, including technologies, markets for their own natural resources. Consciously go for the next exacerbation and the war, North Korea would not be profitable to the aggravation of the United States. In this regard, recall the story of the death of a South Korean corvette, the Americans masters on such adventures. And starting a war on the Korean peninsula, we can still win the time to resolve internal problems, to divert world public opinion to slip "pig" China, Russia.

This area, which rolls out as needed artillery and tanks to keep fire on naval assault of the enemy. On Yeonpyeong such facilities are very often.

Such barriers overlapping approaches to many beaches "5 northern islands." Initially comes with stitching wire fence. Later in the water along the beach strip are two rows of stakes. Between them stretched curb countless sensors Stitching wire, hidden tide. So makarom Southerners cover more unsafe from the standpoint of the North Korean amphibious landing areas.

This monument says that the protection of the island is Pennedo Marine Division in South Korea "Dark Dragon".

These are the mysterious "windows" and "doors" cut through the mountains to the right, found in the mountains "5 islands" quite often. They say that many of the island's mountains — hollow, because they are placed bolshennye stores of provisions and ammunition, in the case of a blockade of the island garrison troops of the DPRK will endure for more than 2 months.

Beach-airport Sakot. The surface of the beach is very strong and rovnenkaya, formerly used as a landing strip for airplanes. Such places in the world only two in South Korea and Italy.

On the review site is a decommissioned military equipment and facing towards North Korea.

"The last masterpiece of the dying god" — mountains Tumuchzhin.

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