The law on the protection of religious feelings

The law on the protection of religious feelingsAs reported by RIA Novosti — The State Duma has set the task — consider the rest of the year the law, which will protect and preserve religious feelings of people. The punishment will be — tightening penalties hundreds of times, the criminal term of 5 years.

Religious theme, especially in recent times, is very crucial. At the present time, and this is evident from the recent events have increased the influx of anti-religious activities, both in our country and around the world. Destruction and desecration were exposed to some shrines, places of burial. Common cases of abuse of the church. Believers and all who respect the religious feelings of the family is very concerned about this issue. The bill supported by the representatives of all four factions of the Duma.

The Criminal Code will add another article on criminal responsibility for offending religious feelings, the desecration of sacred objects. It is emphasized that the undoubted disturbing violent attacks committed by religious beliefs. Their goal is to destroy the "spiritual leader" of the people split into two warring religious camps. Impunity, these actions lead to instability in the country.

The humiliation of worship, public insult to religious rites and ceremonies, as well as violation of religious points of view and feelings asked to approve a penalty — community service for up to two hundred, a fine to three hundred thousand rubles, or imprisonment up to three years. For the desecration of places of pilgrimage, religious sites and objects, as well as damage to these places and objects, the guilty will pay a fine of one hundred to five hundred thousand rubles, corrective work — 400 hours, five years in prison.

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